The Importance Of Listening In The Modern Society

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What is literacy, and who establishes it? In recent times, definitions of literacy were strictly centered around reading and writing, but nowadays these definitions are no longer sufficient and accurate in the modern society. Literacy is inevitably a combination of both cultural and communicative practices shared between people, particularly of similar groups. Literacy in present-day society is not strictly defined as the ability to read and write, but as a reflection of evolving skills needed to fully function within a society.

Becoming literate on a “basic level” in terms of reading and writing possess great power. A considerable doing yet a big accomplishment that can lead to effective change and inspiration in someone's life. No matter
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Listening allows people to acquire a better understanding of the people close to them in addition to increased absorption of their surroundings. In “One Writers Beginning”, Welty recounts her experience as an emerging writer in three stages; one being listening. When writing about her experience with listening, she uses a time when she kept moving to the non-stop tunes that she continued to wind up in her dining room. She writes that the experience was “of course all in one the act of listening” (Welty). This was a pivotal moment for Welty because without this realization of listening, she wouldn’t have been the effective writer and reader she is today. Towards the end of her essay, she begins to reflect and generalize her current state and how she came about. Listening became the primary factor in her becoming an author by learning to read and write through the listening of this “voice.” This “voice” that was both conscious and subconscious became her primary instinct. She states that “this is the case with all readers to read as listeners and with all writers, to write as listeners” (Welty). Being literate is also listening; as one learns to read and write, ones listening skills become more prominent. These skills all go hand in hand and when used in present-day society, promote other acts of literacy such as observations and reasoning…show more content…
They experience personal opinions and thoughts of society and its features. Thinking about these observations promotes reasoning and inference which is what is needed within a society. Where would society be if no one expressed their ideas and opinions, if no one expressed conflicting questions? As one observes the sounds, words, and human relationships within society; inferences and personal connections arise. In “Polaroids”, Lamott describes the realizations that follow once a portrait comes into focus. She writes that “you begin to understand how props define us and comfort us, and show us what value and what we entail, and who we believe we are” (Lamott). Once someone’s attention is captured, one begins to make inferences and observations based off of what pleases and doesn’t please them. Like a Polaroid, one becomes more critical of certain details after an initial viewing. In present-day society, observation is a key skill to learn that always begins in early childhood. As they explore and break the comfort zone, these skills strengthen as they perceive social cues, unknown practices and personal