Why Are There Still So Few Women? Essay examples

Why Are There Still So Few Women? Essay examples

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Women have come a long way in science and engineering, even so the ratio of men to women in STEM fields in high. Some of this can be attributed to the social norm of how math and science is not for girls. Finding jobs in STEM majors can be difficult for women, which may lead to some disinterest in women to pursue that career.
Now many people accept the fact that women are just as good as men at math and science but that wasn’t always the case. Eileen Pollack in her article “Why are there still so few women in science” describes how when she was in school she wanted to learn calculus and other science subjects but her principle told her that “girls never go on in science and math”. This will discourage many young women that wish to pursue a career in math and science. Many people to this day still tell many girls similar things, maybe not that that extent but it still affects young girls.
The stereotype that girls are not as good as boys in math and science is instill on us very early on our lives. In the article “Why so few women in engineering?”, Gary Robbins interviews Meera Ramak...

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