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  • Physics

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    Physics is the subject I want to study for at least the next four years. I have found it the most interesting, and certainly one of the most challenging areas of all my previous study. I see a Masters degree in physics as allowing me to build upon my accumulated knowledge; to learn entirely new fields of the subject, and to give me the qualifications that I need in order to pursue my goal to do work in research and development. Aside from the work we are set as part of the advanced level course

  • Physics

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    Physics You can find a law of physics in everything that you do. It does not matter if you are doing complex scientific experiments, working as a laborer in a field, or enjoying your favorite pastime, you are involved in putting the laws of physics to work. I will try to demonstrate this as I discuss the laws of physics that are involved in my favorite pastime, which is steer wrestling. The art of steer wrestling is complex and simple all at the same time. To start, let’s define what exactly

  • Women in Physics

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    English astronomer Jocelyn Bell, who discovered pulsars, would also be denied a share in the Nobel that went only to her (male) supervisor. Reports in the past showed that the highest percentages of women among students awarded a doctorate in physics are 20 to 27 percent ( India, Australia, Poland and France) and the lowest percentages are 8-9 percent (Japan, South Korea, Netherlands and Germany). An international survey of around 900 women physicists in more than 50 countries found that the

  • The Physics of Swinging

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    The Physics of Swinging My son begs to watch me swing on one of the swing sets at the park. I tell him that there is so much work involved and I don’t know if I have the energy to do all of the many things it takes to make a swing move. It’s such an innocent plea, but complicated in the terms of the actual process of it. The physics of swinging has so many components. From resonance to force, and from the period of the swing to the conversion of energy, the process of swinging is actually a

  • Physics of Pool

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    Physics is the science that allows us to understand the fundamental behaviors of the universe. It can be explored at the macroscopic and microscopic levels, giving insight into the way objects interact. Here we will take a look at how physics can be applied to the game of pool. Almost all of the different aspects of pool can be explained through physics, and a better understanding of these fundemental principles can aid in performance playing pool. In the game of pool there

  • The Physics of Archery

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    The Physics of Archery There are not many activities out there that relax and soothe me quite like shooting my bow. It is not as simple as it sounds though, just pulling on the string, releasing the string, and watching the arrow fly towards your target. There are a number of aspects that must be taken into consideration when trying to shoot a bow and arrow efficiently, this is where we will get into the physics of archery. There are two main things to consider when looking at archery and

  • Physics

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    Physics 1. a) radiation~ The spontaneous decay or disintegration of an unstable atomic nucleus accompanied by the emission of radiation. b) nuclear energy~ Energy released when atomic nuclei undergo a nuclear reaction such as the spontaneous emission of radioactivity, nuclear fission, or nuclear fusion. c) background radiation~ relatively constant low-level radiation from environmental sources such as building materials, cosmic rays, and ingested radionucleides in the body. d) nuclear fission~

  • Physics of the Ear

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    Physics of the Ear The ear is an extraordinary human organ that many people take for granted until it doesn’t function. It is the only device that allows the human to hear sounds in their environment. The ear is made up of many parts that distinguish various sounds through different means. The ear anatomy and physiology along with how sound waves are transmitted into meaningful sounds will help one understand how hearing loss occurs. The ear is made up of three areas: the outer, middle, and

  • The Physics of Basketball

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    The Physics of Basketball There are many aspects to the game of basketball and physics can be applied to all of them. Although to be good at basketball it is not necessary to play it from a physics point of view. Basketball players become good by developing muscle memory for the actions that must be performed in the game of basketball from years of practice. Nevertheless knowing some of the physics in the game of basketball can help a good player be a better player. In this paper I will cover

  • Mathematical Physics

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    regarding the advent of Mathematical Physics vary just as how the dates concerning the advent of Mathematics and Physics vary from person to person and from tale to tale. There is an account which says that the methods of Mathematical Physics as a theory of mathematical model in Physics can be traced in the works of Newton and his contemporaries such as Lagrange, Euler, Laplace, Gauss and others who contributed in the advancement of methods of Mathematical Physics. However, there is a version especially