Essay on Why Are Cozy Earth : Eco Friendly Bedding

Essay on Why Are Cozy Earth : Eco Friendly Bedding

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Why Choose Cozy Earth: Eco-Friendly Bedding
Why should you choose Cozy Earth over other bed sets? Sure, it’s eco-friendly, but so are a lot of other bed sets, right? Well, many bedding companies aren’t as eco-friendly as they lead you to believe. As a matter of fact, the manufacturing process for most companies, traditional cotton and other bamboo companies alike, actually contribute to the pollution problem.
However, Cozy Earth bamboo bedding is different. No matter what step in the manufacturing process you look at, Cozy Earth is environmentally conscious. To prove it, let’s look at each step of the manufacturing process below.
Acquiring the Raw Materials
The first step in manufacturing any bed set is to acquire the raw materials. For example, most traditional bed sets are made from cotton. Therefore, these manufacturers need to either grow the cotton themselves or buy it from a supplier.
Either way, the cotton must be treated with pesticides in order to grow since cotton is very susceptible to insects and disease. In fact, cotton is treated with 16-25% more insecticides than any other single crop in the world. Consequently, these harsh chemicals end up leaching into the air and soil, polluting the earth around us.
Bamboo, on the other hand, is naturally resistant to insects and disease, negating the need for pesticides. No pesticides equal no pollution, making Cozy Earth a significantly more environmental friendly option than traditional bedding. It’s as simple as that.
Creating the Thread
Once manufacturers have obtained the raw materials, it’s time to turn those raw materials into thread. We’ve seen how Cozy Earth is more eco-friendly than traditional bedding in the last section, so let’s look at how Cozy Earth beats other...

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... you need to replace your traditional bedding every couple of years, you’re going to contribute more to landfills than you would if you only replaced your bedding every 15 years by choosing Cozy Earth.
In summary, Cozy Earth is more environmentally friendly than almost all other bedding companies. We don’t just claim to be eco-friendly because our product is made from bamboo – we actually ensure that our manufacturing process doesn’t pollute the earth from start to finish.
As you discovered above, we never use pesticides, or harsh chemicals and dyes. We also provide you with a superior product that will last for years, which also helps you decrease your contribution to landfills. What could be more environmentally friendly than that?
If you want to learn more about the amazing advantages of Cozy Earth bedding, read Bamboo Bed Sheets: Why Choose Cozy Earth.

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