Foo Go Pre-packed Organic Sandwichs

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Industry Analysis – Foo Go

Executive Summary

The industry analysis for Foo Go seeks to provide the management with background knowledge for launching marketing campaign centred on the proposed product line of pre-packed organic sandwiches. Given Foo Go’s brand identity of an environment-friendly name and its positioning as a premium product, a range of sandwiches prepared only with organic farm products will provide the company a strategic foothold in the new and emerging market of organic food products. Foo Go’s retailing through WH Smith stores, supply arrangements to other superstore chains, and being a first entrant in the premium pre-packed organic sandwich segment are the company’s key plus points. Further, major demographic segment of young to middle-aged, concerned-for-environment, fitness-minded white-collar individuals is being targeted through the proposed product offering.

Table of Contents

Introduction 4

Company Profile 4

Scope of Marketing Plan 5

Market Outlook and Growth Drivers 5

Situation Analysis 6

SWOT Analysis 6

PESTLE Analysis 8

Market Segmentation – Target Market and Product Positioning 9

Goals and Objectives 10

Marketing Strategy and Programmes 11

Metrics and Implementation Controls 12

References 13


The marketing process encompasses the entire chain of value creation – from identification of a latent need among the target consumer market that a business enterprise is confident of fulfilling to profitable delivery of a solution to that need. The process is dynamic, as successful businesses must continue to monitor their value-addition proposition through careful analysis of changing trends in consumer preferences, changing nature o...

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