Walmart Part 3 Case Study

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Walmart Part Three: Planning, Page #268
1. How does managerial planning for Project Impact take place at different levels within the organization?
A. Strategic Goals/Plans
Castro Wright as the vice chairman of Walmart took charge of these initiatives after surprising statistic from his research. Therefore, he built the Project Impact with three strategic initiatives which are “Save Money, Life Better”; “Win, Play, Show” and “Fast, Friendly and Clean”.
“Save money. Live better” – company’s motto set by the top management to express Walmart’s mission. Walmart strive to provide lower prices of products compare to other retailers like Target. By providing lower prices, Walmart can gain more sales and generate more profits besides gaining more market share.
“Win, Play, Show” – The managers in Walmart use this to guide in the assortment of merchandize decisions. For vendors or suppliers who want to retain their products on the shelves of Walmart, they have to market their products more aggressively. “Win, Play, Show” also seek to gain market share. “Fast, Friendly, Clean” – This initiative is to help Walmart improve the customer’s in-store experience and also be more efficient in the logistics aspect. Besides that, “Fast, Friendly, Clean” helps Walmart to reduce the
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With that, Walmart are able to provides products that are beneficial to the environment and customers can be aware that how much impact the products they bought can do to the environment. Walmart buy products from more than 60,000 supplies from 70 countries. With the Sustainability Index, Walmart can make sure that the products bought from the suppliers do not harm the environment. When Walmart are able to reduce the waste products from the organization, they can cut the cost and provides lower prices for customers. By reducing the waste of the products, Walmart can save millions
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