White Privilege : The Focal Point Of The Action Essay

White Privilege : The Focal Point Of The Action Essay

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The Focal Point of the Action
My impact action was the talk on White Privilege featuring David Esterline hosted by SURJ (Seminarians United for Racial Justice). White Privilege can be defined as white people having certain social benefits because they are white. “Privilege exists when white people have societal standing that comes with certain benefits that are denied to people of color simply because of their race, rather than because of anything they’ve done or failed to do. The main focus of this event was to create awareness of the white privilege that exists in America and to begin to dismantle the system that has been built to up lift white people and oppress people of color. We see white privilege every day in the media, policing, social issues and economic issues. For example in the media when a white person commits a crime they are look at individually however when a person of color commits a crime their entire race is seen poorly. Their neighborhood is brought up their schooling is talked about even family issues are mention to portray that person as growing in a bad environment that lead them to become a bad person. Many white people do not realize that there is an unequal playing field between them and people of color. The do not realize because they do not have to. However people of color are forced to. There are certain opportunities available to them simply because they are white. As an African American woman I find it very difficult to have these talks with white people because many white see it as just another black woman complaining. The seminary has been blind to the systematic racism and white privilege that is on this campus. Many times when we have talks like this they are private talks or occur off campus...

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...n you use the term “White Privilege”. Aside from those few comments I would say the Seminary community was quite receptive to the conversation. My prayer is that this does not just stop at a conversation but evokes action and change within the hearts of God’s people.
Personal reflection
It was surprising to me how many people were waiting for a talk like this to happen. I thought that many people would be against having this talk, however, I was encouraged by the number of people who supported the event. Though there were some people were not fond of the even I still think it was a success. This event also taught me as Christians we are called to raise up against injustices. When we have the courage to speak out to our surprise many will support. Even if they do not we must have faith that we are doing the Lord’s will by speaking up for the marginalized people.

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