White Discrimination In Ceremony By Lesli Marmon Silko

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According to the Oxford Dictionary privilege is a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group (Oxford Dictionary, n.d.). Furthermore if you add white to privilege you get white privilege which highlights the societal privileges granted to those who are white particularly in Western culture. In the novel Ceremony by Lesli Marmon Silko captures white privilege through the highlighted differences between whites and Native Americans. The narrator Tayo is aware of the privileges that whites have in comparison to Native Americans. Tayos awareness of racism is identified by his examination of the U.S. Army uniform, his analysis of Floyd Lee, and his inspection of Leroy 's truck. Tayo has been suffering…show more content…
Moreover hr has an internal struggle while trying to figure out why a white man would want to steal his cattle. Furthermore the struggles is with the social norms he has learned that have brought him to believe that lie that white people are better than Native Americans and Mexicans. (Silko, n.p.) Furthermore he battles with himself to come up with an alternative reason to why the cows got to the white man 's ranch. Consequently, he fights with the idea, telling himself that if they were at a land grant land or combos coral he would have not hesitated to say stolen. He had the crazy feeling that Lee had gotten the cattle innocently maybe buying them by the real thieves. It then clicks in his head that he would have not thought twice about it if it had been another Native American or Mexican. This is when he comes to the realization that he has been socialized to believe that Native Americans and Mexicans are thieves and criminals. He starts to think that that is what whites wanted them to believe so they would not question their standing in society. How this is why white people were always able to what they wanted because they oppressed others so that they could get

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