The Importance Of Whiteness

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Whiteness is a term that has been discussed throughout history and through scholarly authors. Whiteness is defined in many ways, according to Kress “pervasive non- presence, its invisibility. Whiteness seems at times to be everywhere and nowhere, even present throughout U.S history, and yest having no definable history of its own. Whiteness as a historically rooted cultural practice is then enacted on the unconscious level. Knowledge the is created from the vantage point of Whiteness thus transforms into “common sense,” while practices or behaviors that are enacted based on the unspoken norms of Whiteness become the only acceptable way of being” (Kress, 2008, pg 43). This definition for example, whiteness has become into hegemony. I define it as racial ideologies that have been established throughout history. Which has formed racial segregation between white and non-whites, and has led to discrimination and injustice. White privilege has also been a factor in whiteness; it’s the privilege that white color people get better benefits…show more content…
In today society, media has become a very big factor in everyone’s lives. We communicate with media, with memes, videos, images and animated gif to create meaning. We especially see whiteness ideals in sports. Through memes, we stereotype certain racial groups like Latinos as lazy or African American a weak or uneducated. The memes show athletes as being less strong then white athletes. Which in today society, we have what its called color blind racism which means “race doesn’t shape the person experience or life changes but racial inequality still their with different groups cultural difference” (Dickerson, 2015, pg 4). So even today there is racial inequality, and whiteness still shapes social norms, and media show racism and inequality. Though in my opinion, racism is sometimes unconscious because we try to become society that more
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