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A post racial society is a society where racism and prejudice no longer exists. Barack Obama is the first African American to be the president of the United States. Some believe that since he was elected, there is no more racism and that we are now living in a post racial society. Although we have a black leader, racism still exists in many ways. While we have a black president, we are not living in post-racial America considering the existence of white privilege, the wage gap, and inequality in education.
“White privilege is like an invisible weightless knapsack of special provisions, maps, passports, codebooks, visas, clothes, tools and blank checks” (McIntosh, 172). White privilege is all around us, but society has been carefully taught …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that post-racial society is a society where racism and prejudice no longer exist. barack obama is the first african american to be the president of the united states.
  • Analyzes how white privilege is eminent in the movie fruitvale station when oscar got shot by the white police officer, johannes mehserle, without reasoning.
  • Analyzes how white privilege allowed the white individual to escape with murder by refusing to accept information from a non-white individual, claiming that he is not smart enough.
  • Analyzes how the median household income for white people is $59,745 versus $35,416 for black people, which forces them to live in low-income communities.
  • Explains that there is a great deal of inequality in education. the rich suburbs of new york city spent more than $11,000 per pupil in 1987, while those in the city itself spent only $5,500.
  • Opines that while we have a black president, we are not living in post-racial america considering white privilege, the wage gap, and inequality in education.

Black people are paid almost half of what white people are paid, which forces them to live in low income communities which tend to be unsafe, and also put their whole family in danger. Due to their low income, they might not be able to afford health care which causes them to “lose more work because of illness, have more carious teeth, lose more babies as a result of both miscarriage and infant death…” according to William Ryan from Blaming the Victim page 648. People who have low income due to the wage gap tend not to be able to afford college compared to white people, which hinders their future and their ability to succeed. In fact, on page 214 in Shades of Belonging: Latinos and Racial Identity, Sonia Tafoya states “Hispanics who identified themselves as white have higher levels of education and income and greater degrees of civic enfranchisement than those who pick some other race category.” This shows how minorities are mistreated in society unlike white people. In the end, it doesn’t matter what your abilities are because if you are not white you are not treated equally. “If you’re not white, you’re black,” (141 Sethi). Anyone who is not white in the United States are seen as inferior. If you’re not white, you 're not treated as an equal. Non-whites are judged based on their appearance and are made fun of due to their accents. Numerous non-whites are harassed and are told “you are in America, learn how to speak English!” When in fact, there is no official language of the United States. According to Sonia Shah in Asian American? on page 217, Asians are paid less in the workforce even when they have the same level of education as whites. Regardless of whether non-whites receive the same education level as whites, they are still not equal, not even in the work

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