What Was Successful? An Essay

What Was Successful? An Essay

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What was successful?
The students are now more responsive. After teaching a few lessons they have started to interact more in the class. They have also started to say hello as they pass by in the hallway. I even had a student that was showing off drawings that he had been working on in his spare time. Gaining the student confidence and approval is one of the best ways to help the students to succeed in all aspects of life. I like that the students are comfortable enough to talk about the subjects with more freedom although this does lead to getting off topic on occasion. I have also been able to learn more about the students after helping to chaperone a fieldtrip to the Cultural Expo at the School of Mines. This also gave the students a chance to meet people from all over the world that they have been studying. The living library was a great way for them to ask questions about living in different areas. This was students from the School of Mines from all over the world that answered questions in a small group format. This also allowed for me to demonstrate higher order thinking skills questions for our students. This was very successful as they were able to ask those types of questions to some of the other people that they interviewed. I also think that the overall presentations in the class have gotten better as I shake off the rust and fine tune the lessons.
What was not successful?
When the students get more comfortable they also become more distracted. This has led to getting off topic during a few classes. This was not completely unsuccessful though because it led to other teachable moments and also the student were able to be quickly redirected back to the topic. I also was able to assign an assignment to be added to quest...

... middle of paper ...

...l development.
Overall, I really enjoyed getting to teach at Sturgis Williams Middle School. I will be able to take the lessons about making the information entertaining and promote better learning environments. I will also be able to take the comparison that I had between the lecture and other lessons and use that to create better more entertaining lectures. I will also be able to plan better having had my first crash with technology and know that a backup is necessary and should be ready before going into class. I learned about classroom management and how to keep the students under control while still giving them freedom. This fine line is difficult to walk, but once mastered will create the best learning environment that I can provide. I just need more time in charge in front of the class to be able to hone these skills, which will take a lifetime to fine tune.

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