What Makes Good Quality? Journalism And Its Role On The Society Essay

What Makes Good Quality? Journalism And Its Role On The Society Essay

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Journalism is the collection and sharing of information about ongoing events to a mass group of people (Bainbridge et al., 2011). Its core principle is to provide information as well as the truth to the public. Reported news serves a role in the society as they inform the public of relevant information on events that happens. Good journalism entails various factors that align with the interest of the public. In this essay, I will show different elements of what constitutes ‘good quality’ journalism and its role in the society. Firstly, journalist use news values as a tool to gauge what issues are relevant and would be in the public’s interest. Secondly, agenda setting and framing of stories shape how news stories are written to create the outcomes according to how they want readers to perceive it. Thirdly, the role of the press and ethics that journalist embodies while writing news articles are paramount in serving the society.
To illustrate these factors, I will be using two articles on the EgyptAir’s Airbus A320 that crashed on the 19 May 2016 while flying from Paris to Cairo. The two sources I have chosen, Daily Mail and Channel NewsAsia, have different kinds of commercial ownership models. Daily Mail has a conventional commercial ownership model as it creates content to garner viewership and in return gain profit from advertising. Channel NewsAsia on the contrary has a complex commercial ownership model where it is based on advertising and has content regulation by an authoritative power. It is a brand created by Mediacorp and is regulated by the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) which serves as a watchdog of the Ministry of Communications and Information in Singapore ("Mission, Vision, Core Values", 2016). MDA es...

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...espectful towards the relatives of the victims by having a video of the pilot’s father being weak and not able to stand on his own as he is being carried with the help of some people. This demonstrates what journalism should not be as it invades the privacy of the people who are affected by the incident.
In conclusion, good journalism involves many factors that would serve the society. News values help decide what the public should know about. It serves the public interest by providing information that is relevant and sometimes makes them react to certain issues. However, certain news agencies control the way journalist write for their own self-interest which may contradict what good journalism stands for. The role of the press is to provide information on events in the interest of the public therefore, should have the freedom to write without an authoritative power.

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