Analysis Of The Media Has Gone Downhill

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The Media has Gone Downhill
It is not uncommon to hear people complaining about what they hear on the news. Everyone knows it and the media themselves knows it as well. Some of the most renowned journalists have even covered the the media’s issues in detail. Biased news outlets have flooded everyday news. We find that journalism’s greatest problems lie in the media’s inability for unbiased reporting, the tendency to use the ignorance of their audience to create a story, and their struggles to maintain relevance.
The media takes a biased approach on the news that they cover, giving their audience an incomplete view of what had actually happened in a story. Most people believe that they are not “being propagandized or being in some way manipulated” into thinking a certain way or hearing certain “truths” told by their favorite media outlets (Greenwald 827). In reality, everyone is susceptible to suggestion as emphasized in the article “Limiting Democracy: The American Media’s World View, and Ours.” The …show more content…

This belief is also demonstrated in the article “Challenging ‘He Said, She Said’ Journalism,” in which Linda Greenhouse contests the objectivity in the media claiming that “the ‘he said, she said’ format...impedes rather than enhances the goal of informing the reader” and leads to the twisting of words, altering the meaning of what is communicated (Greenhouse 21). Stefan Halper also argued on this topic in his article “Big Ideas, Big Problems” by commenting on how the truth is often overshadowed by flashy slogans and “Big Ideas” which the public is more likely to listen and respond to as opposed to a less extravagant news story filled with details the public should know but may not want to hear. Halper asserts that the media

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