The Future of Journalism

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Thirty years ago, if I told you that the primary means of communicating and disseminating information would be a series of interconnected computer networks you would of thought I was watching Star Trek or reading a science fiction novel. In 2010, the future of mass media is upon us today; the Internet. The Internet is and will only grow in the future as the primary means of delivering news, information and entertainment to the vast majority of Americans. Mass media as we know it today will take new shape and form in the next few years with the convergence and migration of three legacy mediums (Television, Radio, Newspaper) into one that is based on the Internet and will replace these mediums forever changing the face of journalism, media and politics. In this paper I will attempt to explain the transition of print media to one of the internet, how the shift to an internet based media environment will impact journalism and mass media, and how this migration will benefit society and forever change the dynamic of news and politics.

Changes in Journalism

The Internet’s influence on our lives has spread throughout. According a 2009 US Census survey 74% of Americans use the internet and have access within their household.A number that has increased every year since 1990 and will sure grow in the future. In this survey they relieved that they did various activities on the internet including social media, (Facebook and Twitter) researching and reading news articles, watching YouTube videos, shopping and so much more all can be done with a computer or Internet enabled phone. With this ease of use and convenience it casts a shadow upon the future of printed and broadcast information. The Web’s instant and vast knowledge bank has changed ...

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...print media will forever change the news landscape because it will shift the power that was once in the hands of a few journalists in an office space to the average man on the corner thus connecting him more with the news and whatever particular discipline one would focus on, increasing involvement and sparking discourse amongst the general population.


Although the future of newspapers and print media is very gloomy right now I think that once the newspapers that were revered and respected in their heyday develop a model that can incorporate and transition traditional news along with current web and online media at a reasonable rate and with the high quality that we have been known to expect I think that newspapers will make a surprising comeback and will be once again at the head to the public sphere and will be viable and thriving online entities.

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