The Importance Of Journalism

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Journalism: Deemed Obsolete Journalism has been around for a long time, and many people believe that the standard version of journalism has gone obsolete now. Newspaper, magazines, and tabloids were all at their time a source of information or entertainment, but now people believe they have no place in the technology age. Some people say that the degree in journalism at colleges is an obsolete one, and should be avoided or completely taken out of the curriculum because it just doesn’t amount to anything these days. There are certain areas that are correct about those notions of journalism, but I personally believe that journalism is far from being obsolete. Journalism influences a lot of things that people do not realize, and the way that…show more content…
Many people believe journalism is just newspaper, books, and reporting, but it is much more than that. The only way news station can stay intact is because of journalism. The journalists feed those stories, which then are broadcasted on TV or the radio. Taking out that first medium slows down the process of retrieving that information (Holm, 2001, pg. 68). With lower funding towards the industry, it cuts out a middle man that is crucial in the news, broadcasting, and entertainment process. It even has affected major companies too. CNN who revolves around reporting cut half of their stories packages down from 2007 to 2012 because of declines in the budgets for journalists (Anderson, 2004, pg. 63). The industry has also taken a huge hit because in 2012 30% of the industry was cut down and no more than 40,000 journalists were full-time (Anderson, 2004, pg. 63). That affects daily news stories and has made major players in the newspaper business drop out purely because it cannot support to keep running. With the declining numbers, it would seem as if the industry has taken a dive, but the industry itself hasn’t lost any content it is more around the fact that the people believe they do not need journalism anymore. That is because of the internet age, and how basically all the world’s information can be at one’s fingertips. All the information can be found on the internet, and with social media, many people believe they can find something if they look hard enough, which is a statement that is mostly true. Also with this renaissance of information people get their information faster through things like social media, which has taken a toll on journalism (Grabowicz, 2014). Things like twitter can document things happening at any given moment, and journalism takes longer than typing a tweet. This move to the amateurish content has resulted in a travesty for the
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