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  • The Contrast Between the Daily Mail and the Independent

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    The Contrast Between the Daily Mail and the Independent Newspapers need to aim at a specific corner of the market to be successful. The main reason for this is that if you have a readership consisting of a specific class or type of people eg. Middle class business men. Then advertisers who want to appeal to that specific audience will use that paper for their advert and the paper can obtain large profits from adverts and the advertisers can sell lots of products. Therefore

  • Comparing and Contrasting Articles from the Daily Mail and Where’s Klaus

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    Comparison between the Daily mail and where’s Klaus. The texts’ Daily mail and the CEOP Where’s Klaus video have similarities and differences in which they present their topics to the targeted audiences. The Daily Mail text is to advise as well as warn parents of teenagers about the consequences of going on social networking sites like Facebook and is aimed at well-educated, professional parents of children between 11-18, undergoing their educational courses. The Where’s Klaus video is also used

  • The Audience's Response to 'Let him have it!' and 'The Daily Mail' in Peter Medak's Film

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    The Audience's Response to 'Let him have it!' and 'The Daily Mail' in Peter Medak's Film How is the response of the audience manipulated in Peter Medak’s film ‘Let him have it!’ and ‘The Daily Mail’ article of November 1952? Do they both show bias? In November 1952 a policeman was shot dead and another left wounded in what the Daily Mail called a ‘gun battle’ when Christopher Craig and Derek Bentley broke into the Barlow and Parker warehouse in Croydon. I have

  • A Comparison of Newspapers

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    The Times is a broadsheet newspaper and has been for 219 years, but now they are creating it into a tabloid paper which is A3 as well. It was founded on the first of January 1785. When it was founded the newspaper was called "The Daily Universal". The founder, Michael Davitt changed the title in 1788 to The Times. The Times costs 45pence in 2003 but when first published it was only a little (NOTE DOWN COST OF PAPER). This costs more money than a tabloid. The circulation

  • Comparing Two Newspaper Articles

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    portray in their front page story. Newspaper media is designated to notify, and aim an interest to there audience. 'The Sun', 'The Express' 'The Daily Mail', and 'The Mirror' are all examples of tabloid newspapers. Tabloids mostly always have various feelings towards the media. 'The Times', 'The Independent', 'The Guardian', and 'The Daily Telegraph' are all examples of a broadsheet newspaper. Broadsheets newspapers have a reputation of being more of a specialized outlook to

  • Comparing Articles in Different Newspapers

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    Comparing Articles in Different Newspapers The Daily Mail and The Independent are two different types of newspaper. The Daily Mail is what is known as a tabloid newspaper and focuses directly on the most popular events, human interests and trivial matters .A tabloid newspaper differs from the standard paper this is included in its size, the range and depth of its coverage and the ratio of images to text. a Tabloid is around half the size of a standard broadsheet paper

  • The Similarities and Differences Between Tabloid and Broadsheet Newspapers

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    The Similarities and Differences Between Tabloid and Broadsheet Newspapers Newspapers fall into two distinct types, tabloids such as the Sun, Daily Express, Daily Mail and The Mirror, and broadsheets such as the Times, Telegraph and Independent. Tabloid papers focus more on celebrity issues and tend to sensationalise. Broadsheets tend to be more informative, covering more political and international news. Broadsheets are printed on A2 paper. They have a main story on

  • Analysis of Newspaper Reports

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    Analysis of Newspaper Reports For this story, the Daily Telegraph uses the headline "Girl frozen alive on her own doorstep," this is just stating the facts. This is common in broadsheets; they do not tend to sensationalise stories like tabloids do, just state the facts. The Daily mail uses the headline "The Ice Girl who came back from the dead." This uses intertextuality. 'The ice girl' has been altered from 'the ice maiden,' a well-known phrase. The rest of the headline

  • Statistical Comparison of Newspapers

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    measure of dispersion, since it makes use of all the scores in the distribution. I will be comparing The Independent and Daily Mail newspapers, both issued on Wednesday, 19th February. I expect The Independent to have longer words and sentences as well as smaller percentage on headline area then the Daily Mail. Word length The Daily Mail: every 5th word on all 3 articles sampled. Article Political Finance Sport Total Frequency

  • The Style of the Articles by Sarah Cassidy

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    The Style of the Articles by Sarah Cassidy The style of headline in which the 'Daily Mail' contains is very effective as the big bold figures are shocking and provoke anger because it shows that prisoners who are 'served up a meal' are being treated better then children who 'get lunch'. It also uses alliteration to make the drastic title stick in readers' minds. This is similar to the style that the 'Independent' uses, it is very direct which would have the effect of