Essay on What Made "Alexander of Macedon" Known as Alexander the Great?

Essay on What Made "Alexander of Macedon" Known as Alexander the Great?

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Why Alexander of Macedon is called “Alexander the great” and most successfully man in conquering the world known kingdoms? The answer is easy forward. Even though today after twenty-three centuries no man has accomplished like Alexander did. Alexander the Great, the king of Macedonia is one of the greatest military Intelligence of all times. Alexander was born in 356 BC in Pella, the ancient capital of Macedonia. He was son of Philip, King of Macedonia, and Olympias, the princess of neighboring Epirus. Alexander spent most of his childhood with his mother while his father transform Macedonia into great powerful kingdom. Alexander’s mother Olympias was responsible for guiding his formative years. Olympias told Alexander when he was a kid that he is born to rule the world and his ancestry are the goddess. In fact this could have a huge influence in his success. Alexander used Bucephalus (horse) on the expedition to Asian minor and ride Bucephalus in most of his battles. King Philip hired philosopher Aristotle to teacher Alexander’s t. The next three years Aristotle gave Alexander the training in philosophy, literature, science and medicine. Aristotle give the gift of truly intelligent one person can wish for to Alexander.
The first battle of Alexander the great was at the battle of Chaeronea, which was fought between the Macedonian and the Greeks. The battle led by King Philip and his son eighteen years Alexander, won the battle over the Greeks Poleis of Athens and Thebes. After the Macedonian defeat, they killed many Greeks and sold others to slavery. So Athens agreed with King Philip to release the prisoners and in return Athens surrounded to Macedonian (King Philip). When Alexander the great turned twenty his father King Philips...

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... of rank and distinction. And that definitely rise the thirst for wining even he mention the mercenaries. Alexander became a great speaker to motivated his army in order achieved his what his Father said in his early age.
In conclusion, Alexander became successfully in many much characters. His mentor Aristotle had great effect in Alexander the Great life. Aristotle thought all thing that needed in life, basically Aristotle build Alexander. Olympias build Alexander confident and bravery, telling him all the great story of god and his ancestries are god (Hercules). Before a battle Alexander sacrifice to god and gave me respect. Alexander the great father King Phillip gave him the gift of manhood, to flight fearless and to conquer the world. King Philip told Alexander that Macedon is too small for him. All this three people contributed in the greatness of Alexander.

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