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  • Phillip II of Macedon

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    Phillip II of Macedon The year was 359 BC. Greece, though weary from constant internal struggling still had supreme power over the Hellenistic world. Persia, though it had suffered large setback in the Persian Wars more then a century before was still a menacing force. The Barbarian State of Macedon was led by warrior kings who aspired to be Greek, yet ruled over a feudal society that was as multicultural as any of its time. Good morning Miss Boeston and class. Today's seminar will conclusively

  • Alexander The Great: A Brief Biography Of Alexander The Great

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    Alexander the Great Alexander III of Macedon or as he is commonly known Alexander the Great was born 21 July 356BC in Pella the capital of Macedon. His father was Philip II of Macedon and his mother was Olympias a princess from a neighboring kingdom and one of Philips eight wives. He became King after the assassination of his father in 336BC and ruled until his own death in 323BC. Alexander conquered most of the known world at the time and is remembered as a military genius. Alexander's childhood

  • Alexander The Great: Historical Essay: Alexander The Great?

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    Alexander the Great: Historical Essay Socials Studies 9-Walters Megan Ingram Alexander III of Macedon, commonly referred to as Alexander the Great was an accomplished military commander and king of the Greek kingdom of Macedon. He is regarded as both one of the most tyrannical leaders and most heroic generals in history, single handedly changing much of the ancient world and thus earning himself a place amongst the most powerful dictators and revered historical figures of all time. Undefeated

  • Alexander III of Macedonia

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    possible, but imminent. While many historians prefer to talk about Alexander’s military genius, many other factors outside of Alexander’s control are also responsible for his successful and undefeated conquest at such a young age. Alexander’s father, Philip, laid the groundwork of a military loyal to the throne. Many of the military developments used by Alexander were also actually developed by his father. The Macedonian phalanx, military drills, and its organization may have been utilized successfully

  • Alexander The Great

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    Alexander the Great and His Achievements Alexander the Great was the king of Macedon. Alexander of Macedon, or ancient Mecadonia, deserves to be called the Great. Alexander the Great was considered one of the greatest military geniuses of all times. He was an excellent king, general, and conqueror. During his thirteen-year rule he conquered almost all the then known world and gave a new direction to history. He had established an empire after he died. His new empire helped many people live their

  • Alexander of Macedon, A Historical Biography

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    Green, P. (1991). Alexander of Macedon, 356-323 B.C.: a historical biography. Berkeley: University of California Press. (Original work published 1974) Peter Green’s, Alexander of Macedon, takes us on a journey to Ancient Macedonia, to the early beginnings of Alexander’s life right up to his controversial death. This material is a revision and expansion from Green’s book, “Alexander the Great” originally published in 1970. In this detailed narrative of Alexander the Great, Green helps the reader to

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    and figuratively) of this great conqueror mention his inheritance in passing without examining it in detail. King Philip II of Macedon, a man mostly known as father of Alexander the Great, left his son with that inheritance which most boys will never see: an empire. King Philip found Macedonia a scrapheap of citizen-soldiers and left it Europe’s first territorial nation-state. Philip II was greater than Alexander the Great, namely because Alexander’s inheritance, too often glossed over, was pivotal

  • Alexander The Great

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    Few historical figures stand out in the same degree as that of Alexander the Great. He was a warrior by 16, a commander at age 18, and was crowned King of Macedon by the time he was 20 years old. He did things in his lifetime that others could only dream about. Alexander single-handedly changed the nature of the ancient world in just over a decade. There were many attributes that made Alexander “Great.” He was a brilliant strategist and an inspired leader; he led by example and was a conqueror

  • What Made "Alexander of Macedon" Known as Alexander the Great?

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    Why Alexander of Macedon is called “Alexander the great” and most successfully man in conquering the world known kingdoms? The answer is easy forward. Even though today after twenty-three centuries no man has accomplished like Alexander did. Alexander the Great, the king of Macedonia is one of the greatest military Intelligence of all times. Alexander was born in 356 BC in Pella, the ancient capital of Macedonia. He was son of Philip, King of Macedonia, and Olympias, the princess of neighboring Epirus

  • Alexander III of Macedon: Life and Achievements

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    one of the most important of those great personalities was Alexander III of Macedon, commonly known as Alexander the Great. This paper will examine the life and achievements of Alexander and describe several ways in which he shaped both the age in which he lived and how he altered the course of human history. Alexander was born on or around 20 July, 356 B.C.E. in the Macedonian city of Pella. His parents were King Philip II and Philip’s third wife Myrtale – commonly known as Olympias. A number of