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ALEXANDER 1 The Rise and Fall of Alexander the Great Terry L Byrd History 1150 World Civilizations ALEXANDER 2 Alexander the Great Alexander is considered by many to be one of the greatest military figures of the ancient world. He was destined for greatness at an early age by his parents in which his father Philip II the wanted to unite all of Greece’s city states as one Greece. This was also prevalent by his education by the great Aristotle. When Alexander became king his army conquered most of the known world at that time. He was also very young when he died because of wounds suffered in his last battle. When Alexander was growing up in Macedonia which is located in Northern Greece at this time. He had parents that were very supportive of him and his father Philip II, King of Macedon, Olympia the wife of Philip II was the princess of neighboring Epirus. At a young age of 12 Alexander proved to his father of his greatness as told by Plutarch in which he showed his skills with horses by taming the…show more content…
Alexander said, “The Strongest” and thus the generals started their feud of control. Alexander’s empire would be divides up by the four generals Cassander, Ptolemy, Antigonus, and Seleucus. Although Plutarch and Arrian, would claim that Alexander passed his reign to Perdiccas the generals ignored these wishes of Alexander and thus assassinated Perdiccas. Cassander then proceeded to go after Alexander’s wife, son and mother in threat to their claim to the empire. Cassander was later lose the Kingdom of Macedon to Antigonus. Ptolemy succeeded over Egypt and thus created the Ptolemy dynasty. Seleucus created the Seleucid Empire in his reign he controlled much of Persia and parts of India. (, 2013)(Mark, J., 2013)(Plutarch, 2004)(Brunt, P.

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