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  • Alexander The Great: Alexander The Great

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    Alexander the Great, born in July of the year 356 B.C. was the ruler and king of the Greek Kingdom known as Macedonia. In his early years, Alexander was trained as a fighter by his tutor, Aristotle. He trained with his mentor until the age of 16, when his father Phillip II was assassinated, and he inherited his throne. With a massive army at his hand, Alexander started his conquest to capture the Persian Empire, and "ends of the world and the Great Outer Sea.” Alexander was considered one of the

  • Alexander The Great: Alexander The Great

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    Alexander the Great might be by far the most impressive conqueror of the ancient world. He adopted the progression of an empire that his father Philip II started and then created a cross continental empire. Heavily influenced by his father’s success Alexander the Great adopted many of the skills, mental and military, that King Philip II had. During his thirteen years of rule he achieved more as a conqueror than any man before him was ever able to accomplish. Although his short-lived reign was great

  • Alexander The Great: Alexander The Great

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    Alexander the Great (July 356BC – June 323BC) was King of the ancient Greek Kingdom of Macedon. By the age of thirty he had created one of the largest empires of the ancient world. He remained undefeated in battle and is considered one of history’s most successful Military commanders. Historians’ have offered theories which could explain Alexander’s motivation to conquer so much of the known world. Some suggest that Alexander was an idealistic visionary who sought to unite the world, whereas others

  • Alexander The Great: Alexander The Great Leader

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    command over a group of people. A great leader is someone who commands over his people with grace, authority, and adaptability. Alexander the Great came to power following the murder of his father in 336 BCE. At the young age of twenty years old, Alexander was thrusted into power, now in control of Macedon. Until his own death, Alexander would engage in battles, negotiations and takeovers that would ultimately define him as a ruler and a man. Throughout his life, Alexander paid extra attention to his relationship

  • Alexander The Great: The Success Of Alexander The Great

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    no other conqueror such as Alexander the Great, a military genius that holds the respect of many despite his short life. He dedicated his life to conquering the world, leaving in his wake a legacy that many have come to know. Born in the year 356 BC, to the king of Macedonia, Phillip II, Alexander immediately showed promise as the future heir to the throne. It was said that when he was only twelve, Alexander tamed a stallion that no other man could, Bucephalus (Alexander of Macedon). He would later

  • Alexander The Great: The Hero Of Alexander The Great

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    Alexander The Great is one of the most accomplished generals and kings of any time throughout history. Alexander was born in Macedonia in 356 B.C., as a young child, he watched his father transform his country’s military into one of the best military’s. Alexander’s Father was King Phillip of Macedonia and his mother was Olympias, The princess of neighboring Epirus. Olympias was a very spiritual person that made sure her son knew who his ancestors were, like Achilles of Troy and the mythical warrior

  • The Great Alexander: The Battle Of Alexander The Great

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    Even if some tend to assume that Alexander truly was great, one cannot fully argue with the fact that Alexander had a huge ego, and he could barely maintain it himself. He was only twenty years old when he launched his invasion of the Persian Empire, and he could have had such a bright future that allowed him to deserve the title of great. Yet even Alexander’s army turned back after eight years of marching due to the fact that his ego could not wrap around the idea that all of these battles remained

  • Alexander The Great: The Leader Of Alexander The Great

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    impossible to him who will try.” (Alexander The Great) If anything, this quote from Alexander perfectly sums up his life. Defying the impossible was simply something the leader of one of the greatest reigns in our world 's history was bound to do. Although born in Greece in 356 BC, he comes from the state of Macedonia just north of Greece. Alexander eventually commanded a highly mobile armed force with the help of advanced military technologies for his time. The rise for Alexander was not an easy one. By the

  • The Contributions Of Alexander The Great: Alexander The Great

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    the reason behind my question was that Alexander III of Macedon or who is more commonly known as Alexander the Great, did just that back in 334 BCE. His ambitious drive to rule in the largest empire took shape at a young age and he continued his conquest up till the day he passed away. Alexander III of Macedon, son of Philip II of Macedon, inherited the throne when only 20 years old after his father fell victim to an assassination. Soon after Alexander took the throne a rebellious spirit dwelled

  • Contributions Of Alexander The Great: Alexander The Great

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    Alexander the Great who was also known as Alexander of Macedonia was one of the most memorable figures and influential person in history because of what he did. People believed he was a fearless conqueror and a fearless ruler too. Alexander the Great conquered a large part of the ancient world in such a short period of time, it took him about 10 years. He was a courageous man and had a great ability to find really good tactics to beat the enemies and that helped him to win most of his battles. All