What Does You Do With Your Own Gifts? Essay

What Does You Do With Your Own Gifts? Essay

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It is that question that sneaks up on everyone. The question in itself in not reason for concern. It is not really the question, rather, how often this question arises and if the questions troubles you or comforts you is what may be important. Then again, what may be the most important is what you do with the question. The question in itself can be troubling or may be just the opposite. The question can make you realize it is just one of the gifts that assure you that indeed you are wonderfully and uniquely made. Which scale of the continuum does the question fall for you? Is it just a thought that is quickly brushed aside or is an overwhelming thought that takes your breath away? That may be a more accurate barometer to help you measure how much work you have to mold your gifts into a strength and not a weakness. It really does not matter what your age. You with your unique gifts have to be molded.
The first moment I remember being troubled by this thought was when I was in the third grade. It was a typical school day. I went through most of the school days dreaming every second I could fit day dreaming in. I struggled through art, especially using the scissors and writing my name on the art project so that it looked, respectable my fine motor skills were just a little awkward. I only talked when I was called upon. I was kind and helpful if someone needed something. I was sure to help if someone needed a pencil or if they dropped something I would pick it up. I dreaded recess because I felt out of place. I enjoyed what the boys were playing. However, I felt a little lonely while most of the girls found their own groups to play. I looked forward to Physical Education. It seemed to be one of the things throughout the school ...

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My best friend on the team was graduating. I had not developed a close friendship with the younger players on the team. I had great respect and friendship for the players in by class. We all three came together our freshman year. Now, a Jr college walk on had join our team and she was an amazing person as well. Stll, my support system had changed. I had an empty spot from my best friend and breaking up with my high school sweet heart that I was not too aware of at the time.

I was walking down the hall way of the student union. A 6’6 fit looking men’s basketball player was walking towards me. He had a rolled up newspaper in his hand. He tapped me on top of the head and winked at me. He had my attention. I mentioned to one of our teammates that I may have a crush on him and next thing I know were on our first date to the movies.

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