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Prescription Cascade The practice of over prescribing medication is a recent problem facing many today. This is referred to as the prescribing cascade. Dr. Mehrdad Ayati an assistant professor of medicine at the Stanford University School of Medicine, describes Prescription cascade in the following statement “To put this simply, a patient goes to a doctor’s office with an illness and is given a prescription this prescription has a side effect that causes another illness, and now the patient, unaware that the prescription is the problem, visits the same, or another doctor and is given another prescription. Then this prescription result in a new side effect, which sends the patient to the same, or yet another doctor for the new symptom, and…show more content…
Lucian L. Leape Conducted a study in 1995 on “health policy analyst at the Harvard School of Public Health, found that 6.5 percent of patients at two teaching hospitals in Boston had been injured by their medicines, and one-third of these cases involved mistakes” (Stolberg, 1999). Due to this Study the F.D.A. official were convinced that the danger of prescription cascade is growing which prompted them to release a 150-page report which was made public, that called for pharmacists, doctors, hospitals and drug companies to work together to create ' 'a new framework ' ' for cutting down on overlapping prescription that have a high risk of causing a cascade. Explicit warning pamphlets were also created according to the new guidelines which requires manufacturers to release side effect possibilities in high risk drugs. (Stolberg, 1999) “Dr. Janet Woodcock, director of the F.D.A. 's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research said people are being harmed and some of the harm is preventable ' ' (Le Fanu, 2014). With millions of drugs on the market, and with multiple drugs just for one ailment, it wouldn’t take much to cause a wrong combination that could cause injury or death. Hospitals across the U.S. reported in 2011 adverse reactions from prescription drugs caused 2.2 million injuries and 106,000 deaths that two-thirds could have been prevented with proper monitoring of prescription drugs. (Bremner,…show more content…
A drug for anything that ails you. Americans need to rethink what they are putting into their bodies’. Food, drugs, pesticides and alcohol all play a role in our prescription medications and the way they work in our bodies. There are other actions that individuals can take to improve their health, such as making changes in your diet; incorporating exercise into your daily routine; learning and using stress reduction techniques; and changing other behaviors like quitting smoking and alcohol consumption. Diabetes and heart disease can be treated with medication, but changes such as exercise, diet and lifestyle have shown higher success rates than with drugs alone. There are positive and necessary prescription use, such as “insulin for Type I diabetes, thyroid hormone for hypothyroidism, or antibiotics for life threatening infections” (Bremner, 2011), but diet and exercise can play a role in how these prescriptions

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