The Negative Effects Of Drug Addiction

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Drug addiction is a serious problem today. It has been increasing dreadfully among the society. Drug addiction is a serious health problem. People sometimes feel too powerful and too cheerful because of drug addiction. There are some reasons why people might turn to using drugs. People use drugs to escape or relax and want to get comfortable from the effect of drugs. Also, emotional suffering from family or personal problems, losing a job, or having no friends, and environmental stress can be a factor to cause to use drugs. Then, people continue to take drugs heavily, and their body gets used to drugs. This means their body requires more drugs to get the same effects as before, and then they will not be able to stop taking drugs. This is drug addiction. It can lead to damage a body, cause problems in family construction, and develop crime in the society. Drug addiction is also a brain disease because the drugs leads to changes in the function and construction of the brain (Shannon, 2010, p. 246). In addition, drug addiction plays a role in a lot of social problems such as violence, stress, and child abuse. Therefore, drugs have very harmful effects on individual’s life. Drug addicts should eliminate the effects of drug addiction by doing three things: use medical treatment, get…show more content…
Addicts can use medicines as medical treatment in many ways to reject drug addiction. They can also get a support from people around them if they are worried about drug addiction. Changing their life is also effectively to prevent drug use. Drug addiction can block or suppress people from achieving goals or dreams in life, and it breaks not only ones body but also ones relationships. Therefore, addicts should use no more drugs and become never drug addiction in order not to get serious suffering as this essay
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