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1357 words

There are many people in the world who are struggling with the disease depression. Depression is the state in which a person feels very sad, hopeless and unimportant. The thing about depression is that it affects both genders and any ages. Depression is something that deserves full attention. For many reasons doctors believe that when a person has depression, they have to start taking medication for it as if medications help. People are becoming more dependent on antidepressants when there are other techniques for dealing with depression. What people don’t proclaim about depression is that it’s something serious. There are many people who have depression and has committed suicide or drink various of medications because they believe this is their only way out, but the truth is you don 't need medication to feel better. In “ Treatment …show more content…

Nobody wants to feel sad and hopeless but with depression that 's how you feel all the time. Untreated depression is a serious cause, there can be many different downfalls to this such as suicidal thoughts or committing suicide, insomnia, loss of appetite, the need of hurting yourself and mixed emotions. Did you know 90% of people who die from suicide have depression or other mental disorders ( Goldberg 3). Should depression go untreated? No, depression shouldn’t go untreated because they feel alone, but they need to take the necessary step of looking for help even if it’s without medication. A person with depression should not have to feel like they have to depend on pills to be happy again because pills do not work. It is all mental and if you believe medication is the only answer your gonna keep thinking to yourself that depression is okay. Don’t let antidepressants be something you depend on because every antidepressant has it’s side effects that make you feel worse than you already do without

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that depression affects both genders and any ages. doctors believe that when a person has depression, they have to start taking medication for it.
  • Opines that people don't proclaim that depression is something serious. they say that when one antidepressant doesn’t work, doctors might try a different kind or change the dosage.
  • Explains that depression is a brain disorder, but the debate continues about exact causes. stress, grief, and substance abuse can lead to depression or bipolar disorder.
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