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  • Analysis Of Nail Polish Nail Pen

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    Nail Polish Remover Pen Have you ever gotten nail polish in the crease of your finger and finger nail that you just can’t seem to get the polish removed? The Precise Nail Polish Corrector is just the answer. This pen can come in handy for many people including nail salons, cosmetic schools, cosmetic salons, and everyday men and women who use nail polish. This product gives the consumer that extra precise cleanup, when nail polish gets in the not so easy to reach spots. Painting nails just got easier

  • Nails And Manicure

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    Nails and Their Care, Now and Then By Jessie Sporer It's been said that the beginnings of a beautiful look start with your hands and feet. Long throughout our history women have been getting manicures and pedicures to enhance the look of their nails. A complete nail beauty routine will leave the nails cleaned, groomed, decorated and/or polished nails. Above just the decoration factor, how the nails are done can sometimes indicative of a persons station in life as we will see a bit later in this

  • The Pneumatic Nail Gun

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    Nail guns have become a staple on most construction cites due to their inexpensiveness and efficiency to get the job done quicker, though they can be quite dangerous. The nail gun is a tool that was originally invented to speed up the construction of housing floor sheathing and sub-floors. Nail guns have acquired more uses over the years of its existence and have also been powered by different power sources. Before the time of the nail gun the only way of nailing anything was with a hammer and

  • Nail Polish Essay

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    Nails define personality. Nail polishes are an essential part of elegant and groomed looks for every girl. They are one of the biggest accessories, and high selling makeup products. Nail art today has become a trend. It helps to create a pulled together look, and symbolize trend and creativity. Who wouldn’t want to make a style in today’s business and social world? The most expensive nail polish in the world was created by Azature, which cost $250,000 and consisted of 267 real black diamond carats

  • The Art Of Nail Plothing

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    polishing nails has been around for centuries for both men and women. Nail polish or nail stain, as it was known for many years ago, started out being natural in formula. However, as the years have progressed, nail polish formulas have become more intricate including chemicals. As the years have passed, the color and purpose of polishing nails has expanded to not only nobles or those of high rank/station, but also everyday people. There are many different ingredients in today’s nail polishes.

  • A Career as a Nail Technician

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    Nail Technician Many people like to do hands on things, for example a nail technician. When you like to work with people and able to make them feel better about themselves. Many people can walk into your store feeling down, well you as the nail technician can change that if they like the way you did the job and then also like it. At the end you are going to make your customer satisfied and you are going to also feel satisfied knowing that you did your job the best you could. Nail technician need

  • History of Nail Polish

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    Anywhere you go in the world today, you see women with nails that are painted in so many different colors and designs. Nail polish dates back to the 1920’s when the first modern day nail varnish was invented by the Charles Revson Company. This particular invention has impacted the cosmetics market for women, because every women who wants to be stylish and express themselves in a fun way, buys nail polish. Nail varnishes have many components to make it both safe and user friendly. Some of the chemical

  • Acrylic Nails: A Beautiful Monster

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    acrylic nails. Acrylic nails are a great way to cover up the appearance of weak or brittle nails. They are a good option for women that bite their nails and are not able to have long nails. Although acrylic nails come in a variety of designs and look very attractive, they have bad long term effects and cause the nails to become weak for a long time after their removal. First, a bad effect that could take place on the nails is an allergic reaction. There is no guarantee that the acrylic nails or the

  • Description of a Standard Nail Clipper

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    Description of a Standard Nail Clipper The standard nail clipper is a portable tool used for trimming fingernails and toenails. It can also be used for filing your nails and removing the dirt from behind your nails. The nail clipper has two main parts that are bolted together and provide the necessary leverage to trim the nail. Attached to the base of the nail clipper is a file that is connected by a circular shaft that allows you to rotate the file 360 degrees about the shaft. A bolt

  • The Pros and Cons to Artificial Nails

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    Artificial nails have been around since the Ming Dynasty of China as a status symbol in the Chinese society. Today artificial nails are used as fashion accessories and extensions to the natural nails. Artificial nails come with a long list of pros and cons that you have to into consideration when taking this route with your natural nails. There a various types of fake nails to choose from with unique cosmetic appeal. But with everything that is appealing comes with a few drawbacks that ranges from