Essay on Web Content Management System

Essay on Web Content Management System

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To ensure that web design projects completed using the WordPress Content Management System are correctly updated and maintained, it is imperative that this guide is closely reviewed and followed.

• Content Management System (CMS) - a computer program that allows for publishing, editing, and modifying content of a web site. The primary advantages of a CMS are a streamlined content creation processes and opportunities for customization and collaboration, all from a central online location.

• WordPress - a dynamic Content Management System (CMS) that utilizes systems of templates, plugins, themes, and widgets to deliver a completely customizable website platform and a streamlined content creation process.

Logging into WordPress
• To create or edit content on your WordPress site, you must log in with an administrative account. This login information is located in a document found in your “Account Information” folder on Projecturf.
• This document should also contain the URL used to access the WordPress system. (In many cases, this URL follows this convention: “”)

The Dashboard
• Once you have logged in, you will immediately be taken to your WordPress Dashboard. From here, you have access to some useful information, such as software updates and other news. However, when it comes to creating or editing content, the dashboard itself won’t be particularly useful.
The Menu
• Along the left side is the WordPress Menu, which serves as the primary navigation to different aspects of your website. The Menu will always appear on the left-hand side of every section within WordPress.

• Pages in WordPress will correspond to pages on your website. Information contained on the...

... middle of paper ...

Editing Existing Content
• Select “All Pages” or “All Posts” from the Menu to see all previously published Pages and Posts.

• To edit one, simply find and click on the title or on the “Edit” link that appears when hovering over the title (See Highlighted Areas Below).

Rolling Back Unwanted Revisions
• Beneath the editor, you will see a list of all revisions made to the current page / post. First, click on any revision in the list.

NOTE: If you do not see the “Revisions” list beneath the editor, you must enable them within “Screen Options” in the top-right area of the window.

• To roll back to an older version of a Post / Page, simply choose “Restore” under “Actions” for the desired old or new Revision.

• Be sure to save any of these changes from the editor (by Choosing “Update” from the right-hand panel) and verify the changes onsite.

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