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Plagiarisma: Easily Check Any Text For Plagiarism Online

On 17th December, 2010
The Internet

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Plagiarism is a serious offence ““ it can get a writer fired and a student expelled. Teachers and editors often have to check work submitted to them for plagiarism. To give them a hand in this, Plagiarisma was created. plagiarisma Plagiarisma: Easily Check Any Text For Plagiarism Online
Plagiarisma is a simple and free to use website that tests a given text for plagiarism. It does so by breaking down the text into various pieces and checking if those pieces can be found online on different websites. The search can be executed on Google, Bing, and Yahoo! search engines ““ it depends on your choice. The results are then displayed in a comprehensive and understandable manner.
You can enter text in three ways: by simply pasting/typing it, by entering the text’s URL, or by uploading a document file. plagiarisma1 Plagiarisma: Easily Check Any Text For Plagiarism Online
Thanks to yellow highlighting in the results, you will immediately find out if the text is unique. plagiarisma2 Plagiarisma: Easily Check Any Text For Plagiarism Online
If the text is not unique and matching...

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