Hacking Truths Manual

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Hacking Truths Manual

Welcome to another Hacking Truths Manual. This time I have a collection of Tips

and Tricks which no body normally knows, the secrets which Microsoft is afraid

to tell the people, the information which you will seldom find all gathered up

and arranged in a single file. To fully reap this Manual you need to have a

basic understanding of the Windows Registry, as almost all the Tricks and Tips

involve this file.

Important Note:


Before you read on, you need to keep one thing in mind. Whenever

you make changes to the Windows Registry you need to Refresh it before the

changes take place. Simply press F5 to refresh the registry and enable the

changes. If this does not work Restart your system


Exiting Windows the Cool and Quick Way:::::::::::::

Normally it takes a hell lot of time just Shutting down Windows, you have to

move your mouse to the Start Button, click on it, move it again over Shut Down,

click, then move it over the necessary option and click, then move the cursor

over the OK button and once again (you guessed it) click.This whole process can

be shortened by creating shortcuts on the Desktop which will shut down Windows

at the click of a button. Start by creating a new shortcut( right click and

select New> Shortcut). Then in the command line box, type (without the quotes.)

'C:windowsrundll.exe user.exe,exitwindowsexec'

This Shortcut on clicking will restart Windows immediately without any Warning.

To create a Shortcut to Restarting Windows, type the following in the Command

Line box:

'c:windowsrundll.exe user.exe,exitwindows'

This Shortcut on clicking will shut down Windows immediately without any



Ban Shutdowns : A trick to Play on Lamers:::::::::::::


This is a neat trick you can play on that lamer that has a huge ego, in this

section I teach you, how to disable the Shut Down option in the Shut Down Dialog

Box. This trick involves editing the registry, so please make backups. Launch

regedit.exe and go to :


In the right pane look for the NoClose Key. If it is not already there then

create it by right clicking in the right pane and selecting New > String

Value.(Name it NoCloseKey ) Now once you see the NoCloseKey in the right pane,

right click on it and select Modify. Then Type 1 in the Value Data Box.

Doing the above on a Win98 system disables the Shut Down option in the Shut Down

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