Essay on The Violence Against Police Officers

Essay on The Violence Against Police Officers

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Law enforcement professionals across America have experienced a drastic and dangerous period of violence against them based on several exigent factors, most importantly media hypocrisy. Recent events in Dallas, New York and New Mexico have shown there is a small percentage of the public willing to openly assassinate Police Officers backed by an organization which should be labeled as a hate group. The Black Lives Matter movement have openly called for violence against police officers, and whites based on illogical arguments and the unwillingness to pursue factual truths. This has caused the general public and even law enforcement officers to lose faith in themselves as well as the criminal justice system.
On August 9th, 2014, a black man named Michael Brown was shot and killed by a white police officer, Darren Wilson of the Ferguson Police Department (Department of Justice, 2015). That was the day law enforcement around the country would change for years to come. Officer Darren Wilson was dispatched to a felony theft in progress at the Ferguson Market at approximately 11:53 a.m. in reference to Michael Brown conducting a strong-armed robbery where Brown stole cigarillos from a much smaller station clerk. Officer Darren Wilson observed Michael Brown walking away from the market who fit the description of the thief. When attempting to open his SUV door of his patrol vehicle, Michael Brown then grabbed and punched Officer Wilson in the face, which corroborated with the bruising on Wilson’s jaw. The struggle then continued until Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed the unarmed 18-year-old black man, Michael Brown. This event in particular kicked off a riot in which an estimated 6 million dollars’ worth of damage were caused in the ...

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...known because of the human brain factor.
It is obvious to see through statistics that there is a war on police. Law enforcement professionals across this nation have been affected in some way by events that occurred a thousand miles away. Police are being targeted because of the uniform they wear to work. The openly sent message to kill white police officers across this country has become more prominent due to liberal media. The root cause of this epidemic is not because of the factual information that white police officers are killing unarmed black men unjustifiably. It is because of what the liberal media and Black Lives Matter activists are portraying. This nation is full of sheep and sheep are herded without thought. The relationship between citizens and the police force cannot be mended by killings, but understanding of human emotion and factual information.

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