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While growing up I did not know exactly what I wanted to be when I became an adult. My parents came from good backgrounds, my mother has a Ph.D. in education and my father is retired from the United States Army. It was not until my eight grade year in middle school, when I figured out what I wanted to do in a career field. Parent career day was the special event, and all the classmates’ parents came to speak about their careers or jobs. The career field that caught my attention was the police officer. He explained the everyday expectation of a police officers, the mental and physical challenges an officer goes through while on duty. The police officer continued to give examples and show us common mistakes citizens have about police officer. He explained the task of a police officer varies from day to day. The career of a police officer brings a different challenge every day and you have to be mentally and physically ready for anything and anywhere. He furthered explained, one day as an officer you might be in court all day or the next day you might have to chase a suspect on foot. ...

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