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There are many duties that come along with being a police officer. It’s not just about wearing the uniform, driving the nice car, and arresting people. Police officers need to set good examples to the people around them. They also have to talk and give information to any pedestrians that may need help. They heck for any law violations, respond to radio calls, watch for anything suspicious going on, and they also need to investigate any dangerous conditions that could harm anyone. Police officers are supposed to stop crime as much as possible and make sure everyone is safe. But now a days, numerous officers are the ones causing the problems. When an officer is making an arrest, he or she must either have witnessed the crime, have evidence …show more content…

They think that once they put on the uniform and once they have the badge, they own everyone. Yes, police officers do rule a lot of things, but they are humans just like us. They are trying their best to help citizens and to keep everyone safe and out of danger. Police do give respect to others, even though they should give more respect to blacks, but numerous people do not give police the respect that they deserve. They do a lot of good things that get unrecognized but every little bad thing they do gets blown out of proportion. Yes they do, do some bad things that they should get big punishments for that they do not, but they do deserve the respect and they are just doing their …show more content…

Whether it is the simple things like arresting people, and whether it is the horrible things like shootings and beating people. Many say that officers are just doing their jobs and protecting people, but it is never okay with hurting innocent people. Many have been severely injured or even worse, dead because of the extreme force that some police officers are used in certain situations. Whether people want to admit it or not, police officers should not be using such force. I understand if someone is coming at them, or they are harming someone else and they can 't do anything but to shoot, but if an innocent, unarmed citizen is walking the streets of their neighborhood they should feel safe. Nobody, no matter who they are should ever feel threatened or scared to come out of their house because of a policeman. It is unfair that a lot of police officers get away with the abuse and murder while the victims and their families have to pay with the consequences. I do not understand how a male or female, no matter if they are a person of the law or not, can be okay with getting away with murdering an innocent human being. It is sickening to just think about. Police are supposed to protect the citizens, not harm them. How are people suppose to trust the police when they are the ones hurting everyone. And it is not just every police officers and I feel bad for the ones who get ridiculed because of the

In this essay, the author

  • Describes the duties that come along with being a police officer, including setting good example to the people around them, giving information to pedestrians, heckling for law violations, responding to radio calls, and investigating dangerous conditions.
  • Explains that police officers are supposed to stop crime as much as possible and make sure everyone is safe. however, many officers don't use these tactics.
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