The Violence Act For Fgm Essay

The Violence Act For Fgm Essay

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. And, I was even more shocked to learn that it was legal in this country until 1996. According to a report released by News Week in February, 2015, the incident of FGM in the U.S. has more than doubled with in the last ten years due to the increased number of Africans relocating to the United States. Oftentimes, girls are sent back to their native country to have FGM performed, hence the term ‘vacation cutting’. Due to the efforts of State representatives Shelia Jackson Lee of Texas and Joe Crowley of New York, in 2012 law was passed making it illegal for immigrant parents to submit their girls to ‘vacation cutting’. In addition, Lee and Jackson collaborated with international human rights group Equality Now to implement a national plan known as the Zero Tolerance Act for FGM, to create a hotline for at risk girls, educate health care workers to be ambassadors for these girls when possible. This effort has created a bond between the U.S. and the United Kingdom and Italy who have work for over a decade to end FGM.
Rape and sexual assault
Most commonly a rape victim is a young female however men and children can also be targeted for this crime. According to Welch and Mason (2007), the victim usually knows the perpetrator and this maybe one reason that although the abused may seek medical attention the aggressor may not be identified and consequently goes unpunished, free to commit the same injustice again (p. 2). The obvious most consequence of rape is unwanted pregnancy, followed by sexually transmitted diseases in particular that of HIV. Treatment options are available and up to 80% effective if a clinical regimen of treatment is strictly followed (Welch and Mason, 2007, p.4). Rape is the among the greatest cause Post Traumatic...

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...more than those that are touch deprived. In addition, the research of Field (2002) shows that touch deprivation is a key factor in aggression and violence in children and adolescents (p. 735). Moreover, the link between aggression and touch deprivation is further supported by Field (2010) which suggests that French adolescents are less aggressive than their American counterparts because French parents are more physically affectionate than American parents. Further it is also implied that the benefits of this positive touch translates to a less violent adult population, in particular in marital relationships where parents often touch one another (p.370). While touch deprivation in the elderly population does not usually present as aggression, instead the common symptoms are irritability, communication issues, depression and also eating disorders.
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