Female Genital Circumcision Essay

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Female Genital Circumcision
Female genital circumcision (FGC) is a cultural ritual that is performed to the vast majority of women within the countries of Sudan, Kenya, Mali, Benin, Togo, and parts of the Middle East. Female genital circumcision also termed as female genital mutilation is used based upon a person’s beliefs. This ritual has been highly controversial for many years especially in the western society, due to the health risks that women may have to go through. Doctor Gruenbaum, and anthropologist who studied FGC in Sudan, has researched this topic and believes that outsiders need to have an open mind about diverse cultures. I believe that this procedure should not be illegal; however, education about the risks of the procedure should be enforced in the countries where this takes place, in order to create a safer environment for the ritual to be performed in. The goal of this essay is to know what Female Genital Circumcision is and different types of FGC and why this is performed and why it is important for outsiders to not have ethnocentric views when dealing with this. This essay also deals with why it should be medicalized instead of enforcing laws to ban this years long tradition in all African countries. When challenging female genital circumcision, we are also challenging the people who perform this procedure, their culture, values and beliefs.
Female genital cutting is often termed as female genital circumcision or female genital mutilation. This includes partial or complete removal of external female genitalia for non-medical reasons (WHO). Woman who undergo this procedure generally range from the ages five to fifteen years old. This process is known to have no actual health benefits however; it is practiced la...

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... cause of a problem but it is the result of a situation’ (Greunbaum, 2001, pp. 177-178). There’s a need to understand the cultural and social dimension of female circumcision in order to realize and respect people for the culture; however, there is also a need for better medical environments for this procedure to be performed in.
Through an ethical point of view, circumcision should be a choice; the government should not be against it. This cannot be made illegal because it will leave people to perform FGC in barbershops using non-medical facilities, which creates more risk. Like male circumcision, female circumcision should be allowed and welcomed in hospitals. This culture cannot be abandoned and forgotten in a fortnight, however studies reveal the decline of this procedure throughout West Africa, for example, Tostan in Senegal aim at eradication this practice.

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