Essay On Geniital Mutilation

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Is female genital mutilation a cultural practice or a delinquency? Female genital mutilation better known as female genital cutting is a operation performed based on religion and cultural causes. However, entirely of the victims gone through this sacrifice explain it as a crime.
Female genital mutilation is a heartbreaking practice which violates basic human rights and must be banned worldwide. FGM it's a operation on which the clitoris and genitals are completely cut off. Referring to ( The cause of this procedure may fluctuate it can be either for family honor, virginity protection, religion, or excessive sexual satisfaction for their partner. Also, this is done by traditional midwives with no medical experience, no anesthesia, or any drug. The tools used for this practice are pieces of glass, knives, scissors, razors and other sharp basics.
Female genital mutilation is practiced and done cruelty without mercy. As well as, FGM consists of complete removal of external female genitalia. Stated by , FGM is composed of four types . The first type well - known as Clitoridectomy it requires cutting the skin surrounding the clitoris without cutting the clitoris itself. The second type is cutting the clitoris and the skin near it, also some parts of the labia minora or sometimes the labia completely. The third type, is the most dreadful is removal of the external genitalia and sewing the gap of the vaginal opening. This procedure is well- know as infibulation. The tissue then creates a canal of scar above the vigina leaving a miniature hole for urine and period blood. The victim then has severe complication during sexual activity . The Majority of female genital cutting cases are of this t...

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...tradition today want to stop it themselfs . However others involve in this culture don't accept it because religion and their social acceptance is greater than their desire stop this cruelty to woman.
There’s a organization today to help stop this critical dilemma. Woman all over the world are fighting for this practice who has affected woman for more than 5,000 years. These entire women want to have their voices heard. Everyone and anyone can help fight back for this young girls and woman by giving donations to bring this dreadful experience to an end. Donations can be made on Because If the community won’t help stop it people doing it won’t. “Female genital mutilation targets little girls, baby girls – fragile angels who cannot fight back. It’s a crime against humanity. It’s abuse. Its absolute criminal and we have to stop it – Waris Dirie
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