The United States Just Arrived Out Of A Bitter Period Essay

The United States Just Arrived Out Of A Bitter Period Essay

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The United States just arrived out of a bitter period. World War I just ended, and the United States took harsh measures and did whatever was needed to end the war. Shortly after WWI, the United States stepped into a period of invention, celebrities, writers, and mass pop culture. The United States started using automobiles as transportation, which made trading and transportation better and quicker. Advertising became a huge deal, and celebrities, like Babe Ruth, arose out of nowhere. By the 1920’s, majority of the population lived in the urban area, and immigrants began to show back up in search for jobs. Of course, with every era something tremendous has to happen, for example, The Great Depression followed in the 1930’s. The stock market crashed and left around 25% of American without a job. Hoover was president when it all began, and everyone blamed him, but during the 1932 election, Franklin D. Roosevelt became President. FDR began to construct progress when he created programs to help the society, for example, he created the FDIC to insure banks. He created several programs dur...

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