Franklin Roosevelt's Inaugural Speech Analysis

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During the Great Depression, Huey Long had an idea on how to fix the situation and Franklin D. Roosevelt, during his inaugural speech, talked about how change would come no matter how hard it was. When Roosevelt took office, America was getting someone who could try and undo all of the damage that Herbert Hoover left behind. Huey Long, Louisiana’s 40th governor, was suggesting different ways to fix the economy three years into Roosevelt’s presidency. Both of these men inspired many Americans that the Depression would not last forever. Before Franklin Roosevelt took office, Herbert Hoover was the current president at the time. Hoover was only president for a minimal eight months whenever the stock market crashed on October 24, 1929, sending…show more content…
In his speech, he begins it by saying that everything that is troubling the economy is material. Roosevelt wants to decrease the number of industrial workers and increase the number of agricultural farmers because the more that is produced, the more revenue coming into the economy. He then goes on to explain how he wants to employ a “strict supervision of all banking and credits and investments…”Roosevelt wanted to insure that the people’s money would be protected and given back to them in their entirety if another stock market crash would take place. Throughout the entire speech, Roosevelt kept saying how America should act quickly and to not give up. He reiterated that over and over again so that the people would know that Roosevelt is serious about fixing the economy. He was not giving America a false hope, he was talking about getting things done. He also said that if Congress would not work to fix this crisis in a timely manner, then he would have “broad Executive power to wage a war against the emergency…” He compares the current crisis to war with foreign enemies, declaring the nation in a state of…show more content…
Long. Long was the governor of Louisiana and had a different view on how to reform the Great Depression. He called it the “Share Our Wealth” program. The main points of the program are these: every family will have a home and the comforts it provides with a value of $5,000 or a little more than that but no less, no family can have a wealth of no lower than $5,000 and no higher than $5 million, the family income cannot be lower than $2,000 or higher than $1 million, older people can retire at 65 and be paid a pension, and lastly, that no youth should have their families pay for their college. A good number of people, particularly the lower classes, liked this program because it made everyone fairly equal to one another. Many people, however disagreed with Long’s program because of how much it favored Socialism. Socialism is a classless society where everyone works and is given the same benefits. There is also no private property in a socialistic society. Socialism helps to get rid of competition to make every citizen equal. Everyone receives equal paychecks, medical care, and other

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