Rhetorical Analysis Of President Roosevelt's Inaugural Address

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Part I: Reasoning in the Inaugural Address
President Roosevelt in his inaugural speech first realized the importance of his presidency, the speech and the US. He mentioned that the thing the US nation needs to fear is the fear itself. He further mentioned it as unreasoning, nameless and unjustified terror which constraints and paralyze the efforts needed to make retreat (Davis, 2014). The general purpose of the speech was to lead the nation to make advance against all the odds. The specific purpose of this speech was to communicate the agenda of presidency as this was the first speech by the president.
The first inaugural was important because the US nation was at very difficult point, and this was due to crash of banking and financial markets occurred in 1929. This speech represents numerous excellent use of Rhetoric.
The first thing realized by the president that he mentioned the fact that people want to see him speaking honestly and he expressly made use of worlds i.e. sincerity and honesty. Roosevelt mentioned about the fear and regarded that our biggest fear is the fear itself. He is playing a paternalistic role in this speech and he is acting just like a parent calms the fear of his kid. He has numerously used the word
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The devastating plagues were imposed on specific nations of group of people who displeased God. He asserted that the present economic condition is not some sort of wrath of God. They need to help themselves and their ability to recover from this situation does not need an act of God, but this is their own act and determination that will get them out of this situation. He also pointed out that the money chargers are not kind and honest in their practices; the word money chargers refers to those who take interest on the loans. He blames the bankers and the financial institutions for the economic problems of the
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