Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt

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Hoover and Roosevelt

President Franklin D. Roosevelt faced one of the biggest challenges ever when he was first inaugurated March 4, 1933. This was right in the hart of the depression. F.D.R. came up with the new deal to try and pull our country out of the depression. After his first new deal F.D.R. came up with the second new deal and 11 other plains of making the American people pull out of debt.

Some of his most popular plains are like welfare and the new deal.

President Herbert Hoover was the total opposite of F.D.R. he believed in laissez-faire which is the thought that the government does not interfere with its people and economy. This might have been ok, but when the country started to slip in to a depression Hoover took no action he believed that it would make the country week and dependent on the government. This proved to be a fatal decision for the American economy.

F.D.R. had great leadership qualities he passed many forms in congress that probably would have failed otherwise would have failed. Roosevelt was elected the most of any other president in U.S. history. That proves that he could sway large numbers of people to believing that his way of thinking was the best. In February 1937, he asked Congress to authorize him to appoint as many as six new justices to the Court. A great controversy swept Congress and the country. Many people denounced the proposal to "pack" the Court. Roosevelt's plan failed, but the gradual retirement of the older justices brought more liberal ones to the Supreme Court. Even while the debate was going on, the Court had modified its decisions. Thereafter it approved of most government regulation of the nation's economy. Roosevelt was like a mad inventor he would come up with a plain to fix a problem and if I didn't work he would keep trying to cerotic it in tell he made it work to help the country. Some people criticized Roosevelt saying he tried to do to much, and even went as far as saying that he overstepped his boundries as being president. But in my option Roosevelt was probably the most important part of helping our country out of the depression.

Hoover on the other hand lacked leadership in many ways he did not think that the government should play any part in the life of the people.
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