Compare And Contrast Franklin Roosevelt And Hoover's Inaugural Address

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Oaths and promises were made by Franklin Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover in their inaugural addresses. Hoover and Roosevelt helped the country face the depression and transition into World War II. Both presidents’ inaugural addresses voiced concern and hope for the country. In their inaugural addresses, Hoover and Roosevelt expressed views about the future, the current situation, the challenges that were faced by our leaders, and how the Great Depression impacted the nation Hoover outlined his hopes for America’s future during his inauguration. Hoover shared with the nation after the First World War, and he promised to bring continued peace and prosperity. He declared, “I have an abiding faith in their capacity, integrity and high purpose.…show more content…
“…we find some causes for concern. We have emerged from the losses of the Great War and the reconstruction following it with increased virility and strength.” In this regard, he also pushed the nation to take the blame and the initiative to be responsible to make that change needed. Roosevelt’s inaugural address focused on the current situation of the nation and he intended to declare war on the Great Depression. He stated a need to move as a nation through his leadership and become a better nation. Roosevelt took a strong stand and proclaimed, "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. He looks to the future asking the nation to fulfill their “true destiny” of ministering to themselves and their fellow men. The Second issue Hoover addressed were the challenges he would face in his presidency. Hoover’s nation was coming out of a war and was facing an economy plummeting into an unknown Great Depression. Hoover proclaimed a need for reform of the criminal justice system, the enforcement of the Eighteenth Amendment, cooperation of government and businesses, the development of education, organization of the public health services, and maintaining the integrity of the…show more content…
He called for restoration with action, and promised solutions to the economic crisis, unemployment, world policy. He however, does remind the people, “We do not distrust the future of essential democracy. The people of the United States have not failed.” He promises swift action to the problems the he and the nation face. The third issue was the impact of the Great Depression. Hoover’s focused on the recovery from World War I; however, the great depression clouded the nation during the rest his Presidency. Even though he, nor the rest of the nation could not foresee the depression, Hoover did indicate the failures of many institutions that could lead to the downfall of an economy recovering from war. Roosevelt addressed the economic crises throughout his speech. Unemployment was a priority and he asks the nation to come together as an army to fight the war against this Great Depression. His plan was to produce more jobs and generate the money to bring the nation up from the ashes. He promises that to all that he can, as his constitutional duty, to resolve the issues crippling the

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