Undocumented Immigrants : A New Or Modified Immigration Reform Essay

Undocumented Immigrants : A New Or Modified Immigration Reform Essay

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Every year, more Americans graduate from high school and continue to college, causing there to be empty slots in the lower end jobs. Meaning that undocumented immigrants occupy the secondary segment jobs because they lack educational backgrounds. Twenty-four percent of undocumented workers are found in the secondary sector. With only one goal, to provide for their families without caring for their social standing among society. They fill jobs such as meat packing plants, vegetable and fruit plantations, and other heavy duty jobs if anything is currently filling empty spots that are up for demand in the workforce. Therefore, it is important that those immigrants can gain a legal status, with a new or modified immigration reform. This would help fill up the vacant jobs in those farms and meat packing industries.
Another benefit from an immigration reform would be to protect and enforce fair treatment of both undocumented and native-born peers. Exploitative employers hire large amounts of undocumented immigrants, knowing that immigrants are afraid to ask for a higher pay or even report their supervisors for mistreatment because they live in fear of being deported. As published by the New York Times, a study found that 37 percent of undocumented workers were victims of minimum wage violations. Deporting undocumented immigrants would not necessarily put an end to this mistreatment just cut it down a bit.
The flow of undocumented immigrants entering the United States is a sign that the system is broken. An enormous reason to why immigrants enter the US illegally is because the process to obtain a visa to enter the country legally is broken. Under the current legal system, only a few people can apply for any type of visa, the ones with f...

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...of taxes, only meaning they have rights to some of the benefits that native-born peers are provided with. They also make or take jobs that American citizens do not wish to do. As stated above, all immigrants migrate to the U.S. from countries that suffer from poverty and a high crime rate. An Immigration Reform needs to be put into place to fix this Nation and its broken immigration system. Stories like that of Brizzia and Maria, are a prime example of why undocumented immigrants truly migrate to the United States. For the opportunity for a better education, and to improve their lives economically. With no intent to harm others several success stories like that of these twins have been published where undocumented immigrants are forced to live in the shadows. Some because they fear deportation and others because they wish to continue to be respected by their peers.

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