Total Quality Management TQM at Hotel Essay

Total Quality Management TQM at Hotel Essay

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Total Quality Management

Global Marketing, Plastix International Plc hired Waterlander Hotel to host their annual banqueting. Global Marketing gave clear and specific details of their requirements to the hotel. However, Waterlander¡¦s failure to effectively plan and co-ordinate the activities resulted in the banqueting event been a total disaster and a embarrassment to the client.
Waterlander Hotel failed to deliver to the customer expectation. They needed to better planning and co-ordination skills that would have allowed input to the processes and to have a better return on output. A research should have conducted to the involvement all its stakeholders; this would have help to ensure that everything from site arrangement, food, decoration, entertainment, coordination of activities; and supervisions of event; as well as the evaluation process get dealt with and in a systematic way.
Total Quality Management (TQM) is a management approach which could have assisted in the better planning of all the resources and the supporting infrastructures that should have been in place; implementing and delivering a project must involve entire team working, workers empowerment and creative problem solving to accomplish goals.
Six Sigma has been one of the tools of Total Quality Management and is widely used in manufacturing and services industries across the world. Its standards have been promoted and attained through five key stages known as define, measure, analyse, improve, and control and each of which must be completed in chronological order.



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...ty Management at the Hotel in order to be more competitive; enable them to establish a new culture which will enable growth and longevity; provides a better working environment in which everyone can succeed, reduce stress, waste and friction as well as build teams, partnerships and co-operation.

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