Importance Of Loyalty In Relationship Marketing

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1-3 Importance and necessity of research
Nowadays, the era of loyalty includes customer loyalty, employee loyalty, management loyalty, community loyalty, and principles. Many studies have shown that satisfaction is not the ultimate key to success and profit. In fact, market concepts that have emphasized this issue have not recognized it anymore, but today, only customers who feel a sense of belonging to the organizations are regarded as profitable and long-term capital (Haghighi Kafash et al, 2010). Loyalty is a moderating variable between service quality and customer satisfaction and economic performance. Loyalty is the extent to which customers want to retain their relationship with a supplier, and it is usually the case that to what extent
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Producing and delivering high quality and affordable services plays an important role in the service industry. In fact, nowadays customer satisfaction and service quality are considered as critical issues in most service industries (Haghighi Kafash et al. 2010).

1-4 review of literature
Creating trust, commitment to employee service, continuous relationship with customers and the proper management of conflicts, can be considered as the most important foundations of relationship marketing (Mohsan and Nawaz, 2011). Successful companies try more than unsuccessful companies to implement a relationship marketing strategy and build a long-term relationship with their customers (Adamson and Chan, 2008). Trust, relationship, shared values, empathy, and mutual effort has been identified as the most important foundations of relationship marketing (Sin and Tse, 2005). Relationship quality (RQ) is a branch of relationship marketing (R M). Due to the importance of relationship marketing in today's business world, the relationship quality is necessary to assess the strength of the relationship and the degree of satisfaction to meet the demands and expectations of the customer (Crosby et al., 1990; Smith, 1998). A good relationship quality can increase customers'
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Commitment Theory - Trust is suggested by demonstrating that trust and commitment are two main aspects for measuring the relationship quality. By integrating the perspectives of different researches, quality is measured in terms of trust, commitment, culture, interdependence, and contact. Although there is no agreement on the components of the relationship quality, generally, satisfaction and trust have been accepted as two important factors for measuring the relationship (Chakrabarty et al, 2007). Service providers can make long-term and stable relationships with their customers through customer satisfaction and trust and ultimately attract their loyalty. Therefore, in this research, the focus is on trust and satisfaction from the customer's perspective and the relationship quality. Creating customer loyalty is the most important goal of conducting relationship marketing activities. Oliver (1997, p. 3) defines customer loyalty as "a profound commitment to a product or service that leads to repeat purchase of brand or the set of the brand in the future, surely with situational factors and marketing efforts that
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