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  • Same Sex And Marriage: The Benefits Of Same-Sex Marriage

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    opportunity you do, marry the person they love, but theres laws that don't allow same sex couples to marry. How happy do you think you would make gay married couples if you let them have the same benefits? They wouldnt fel so discriminated if they had the same rights as you! Try being a little more open minded and think about others. From the data ofGary Gates who is a demographer from the University of California, 19 % of same sex couples that were raising children in 2009 reported that an adopted child

  • Same Sex Marriage

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    Same-sex marriage should not be illegal in the the United States for several reasons. Firstly, the United States was founded on principles of freedom, and equality. Laws prohibiting same-sex marriage discriminate against same-sex couples, as they deny them the many benefits that accompany legal marriage. Secondly, there are no valid, rational arguments against same-sex marriage from a legal point of view, therefore its illegality is baseless. Thirdly, the legalization of same-sex marriage would likely

  • Same Sex Marriage

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    In the last couple of decades the idea of gay marriage has been a heavily debated topic in the world. On both sides there are people who fight for and fight against this right which is slowly being adopted in many places such as the US. Throughout time, the issue on same sex marriage has been disputed for various reasons. Devoe emphasizes this reasoning in an article entitled, “Same-Sex Marriage Isn’t About Freedom,” which states “Gay marriage is individual freedom’s ‘decisive blow’ because it destroys

  • Same-sex marriage

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    Are same-sex marriages different from heterosexual marriages? In the formal definition marriage "is a faithful everlasting union between one man and one woman, joined as husband and wife in a partnership to become one." Due to this definition "same-sex marriage" is not even a real marriage. In fact, it denies the primary purpose of marriage, which is the procreation of a child. In same-sex marriage, it is not possible for two men or two women to reproduce without a third party. Due to the fact that

  • Same Sex Marriage

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    Same-sex marriage has continuously been contradicted throughout our nation and so the arguments never seem to cease. Some argue the legality of same-sex marriage while others suggest that it compromises the sacredness of marriage. Various religious groups and their supporters in the U.S. tend to either support same-sex marriage or greatly oppose it, depending on their viewpoints and beliefs. Thus, the constant, bitter arguments between these parties. These two groups constantly argue over the validity

  • Same-Sex Marriage

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    legality of gay marriage is a hot topic for many reasons. Traditionally marriage has been known as a legal bond between a man and a woman. Times have changed since those days. More and more people are coming out of the closet everyday. There are more gay people today than there ever have been and that number is only increasing. Marriage is a way for two people to show their commitment towards each other, so it should not matter what their gender or sexual orientation is. Marriage is just one way

  • Same Sex Marriage

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    Should same sex marriage be legal over the United States? Well yes, why you ask because people have the right to marry whomever they want regardless of same sex marriage or opposite sex marriage, which if two people love each other they spend their life with each other, or marry each other. Although same sex marriage is considered as a disgrace throughout the United States. Same sex marriage can be a benefit towards society, which can boost self-esteem. Also, homosexual people have the same rights

  • Same Sex Marriage

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    Many years ago one may have thought that marriage was just between a man and a woman but today that is not always the case. People of this era have now begun to exploring a new aspect of marriage, same sex marriage. Should two people of the same sex be allowed to marry? Throughout the years same sex couples have been pursuing the same rights as heterosexual couples. Since the 1970s homosexual couples have been trying climb this social ladder and gain their civil rights. They have been seeking

  • Same Sex Marriage

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    especially on the matter of same sex marriage. Another major issue that came about in this realm is the decision of gay and lesbian couples to raise families. There has been a great deal of controversy and history dealing with same sex couples and their rights. Firstly, to determine the exact number of same-sex couples in the US may be pretty difficult but there are estimates that stem from the 2000 census data, even though it fails to cover a large percent of same-sex couples (Linville et al, 2011)

  • Same Sex Marriage

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    Same sex marriage has been a topic on the rise throughout the U.S. It is what some of us may consider one of the more important topics of discussion for this time period. So far 17 states out of 50 have declared same sex marriage legal (States, 2013). Same sex marriage should be legal throughout the U.S. because same sex couples have a civil right to get married, along with a right to have access to the same benefits as heterosexual couples, and to be treated as equals without fear of discrimination