Same Sex And Marriage: The Benefits Of Same-Sex Marriage

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Everyone one deserves the chance to be loved, no matter what gender he/she is. Try being in someone else's shoes. It is not as easy as you think! There are millions of people that wish they had the opportunity you do, marry the person they love, but theres laws that don't allow same sex couples to marry. How happy do you think you would make gay married couples if you let them have the same benefits? They wouldnt fel so discriminated if they had the same rights as you! Try being a little more open minded and think about others.
From the data ofGary Gates who is a demographer from the University of California, 19 % of same sex couples that were raising children in 2009 reported that an adopted child as a member of the household, up from just eight percent in 2000. Gates estimated that 4% of the adopted population in the United States was about 65,000 children, that live in homes in which the head of the household is gay or lesbian.
Most states do not have laws or formal policies in place, a lot can depend on the judgment of a child welfare professionals and judges, when it comes to same-sex couples and adoption. In some states, the laws or policies declare that same-sex or unmarried couples are not allowed to adopt, and gay and lesbian couples are not able to marry(Caughman). While one parent can adopt as a single parent, thst then precludes the second parent from adopting. This situation may improve as more states legalize same-sex marriage and thus, in turn, permit adoption by both members of a same-sex couple. According to the Family Equality Council, many states have policies that have the effect of restricting foster parenting or adoption by gays and lesbians. Policies include allowing preference for heterosexual married c...

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...ples who are as committed, as monogamous, as responsible, as loving a group of parents as any heterosexual couple that I know," he said. "And in some cases, more so." His support for gay marriage was itself a landmark turn, but just as notable was its indirect affirmation of gay couples as parents, which served to rebut the standard argument against gay marriage, that it risks the well being of children and the family.
Gay marriage should be legal in all states, it gives someone a chance to be loved.You wouldn't just be making one couples dreams come true, but many others as well.Everyone deserves to fall in love with who ever they want, and deserve to take the next step which is marriage.Everyone deserves a chance to be more open about there feelings, and with everyone accepting them it would not be a problem.Give others the opportunity you have but they do not .

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