Same Sex Marriage

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Love Has No Gender
Everyone wants happiness and to be loved by someone unconditionally. No matter the gender or race of the person, everyone just want to be loved. Many people are against men dating men or women dating women. There are those people who say religion is the reason they are against it. These people strongly believe that gay marriage is the world’s biggest sin. There are a lot of sins in this world, but the only sin people seem to focus on is gay marriage. In the Bible, it states no sin is greater than the other. Some people would say that it is completely wrong to go against ones religion and rebel against God. There are others who say it does not matter who someone is with, just as long as they are happy; love does not have a gender. Just because two people who are dating are both men or both women does not mean that they cannot love each other. Gay marriage is now legal in seventeen states while the other thirty three states are still completely banning gay marriage. Same sex couples must be given the right to celebrate their happiness publicly just like other couples.
Same sex couples look at being denied the right to legally marry each other as their freedom of speech being taken away, but in actuality they are only expressing their love. Legalizing gay marriage will not damage society. If same sex marriage were legal everywhere in the United States, society will still function normally and no family values will be lost. If gay marriage is legal in seventeen, why must the other thirty three states continue to ban same sex marriage? How can we all be equal if we are being denied certain rights because of who we love? Being denied the right to marry someone of the same sex is fairly unconstitutional. Some say tha...

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...ame sex. So why are couples of the opposite sex trying to control same sex couples rights? In the end, everyone should be treated equal. It is just simply wrong to deny any human the right to marry someone of the same sex; it is unlawful, unjust, and unfair. In the future same sex marriage must be legal all over the United States. Same sex couples just want happiness just like couples of the opposite sex.

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