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The police chief selection is very interesting to me. Police chief of NYPD is Philip Banks III and he was selected in March 2013. The 26-year veteran of the force and former Chief of Community Affairs was officially installed as the Department's highest ranking uniformed officer in promotion ceremonies at Police Headquarters. I wanted to know how chiefs were selected and what they were selected based on. A Chief of Police is the title commonly given to the top official in leadership of a police division, especially in North America. Elective titles for this position incorporate Commissioner, Superintendent, and Chief constable. Rather than an Us Sheriff, who is for the most part chosen by the voters of a district, with the exception of in the states of Rhode Island and Hawaii, a Chief of Police is generally a civil representative who owes his or her fidelity to a city or town. The expected salary for a typical Police Chief is $97,822.
“Before new chiefs can set a path for a new vision, they must have a clear understanding of the past. A police department’s organizational culture is a deeply ingrained, personal aspect of its functioning that must not be trivialized. Years of hard work and dedication by scores of individuals went into the creation of that culture, and it must be respected. However, if the culture is no longer in step with the expectations of the community, then changes must be made. Changes for the future must be carefully crafted to achieve the desired goal without disregarding the past. New chiefs can best accomplish this task by first listening to the variety of individuals that represent the stakeholders for their departments. Gaining input is important to obtaining an understanding of the values and expecta...

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...cation with neighbors in the community and most of all to look good in the public. If they feel there not meeting the standards, they tend to resign from the job or try to step back down in rank. They have a much larger force to pay attention to, especially when you’re watching over the biggest Police department (NYPD) and trying to make sure that your department is not corrupted.
Professor Decarlo stated that “you must make sure you are one with your community and the community would be one with you.” “That is why our community applauded us when we walked in”. Being a police chief, you would want that effect from your community and after feeling like you can’t produce that you start to get scared and or nervous, and feel you’re not the person for the job. In conclusion police chief selection is way more complicated than anyone, including myself, cold ever imagine.

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