Police Militarization Essay

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This paper explores the work of six published articles that discuss the topic of police militarization. The purpose of this paper is to explore the polarity between domestic policing and the military. This paper begins by discussing the evolution of the police and the military and then later determining the shift in strategy in favor of police militarization. The paper will also discuss the effect this change has on local communities as well as examples of recent occurences that have made their way into the public eye as a result of “police militarization”. Balko (2013) argues the prevalence of “police militairzation” with the use of SWAT (Special Weapons and Tatics) teams. Hall and Coyne (2013) discuss the factors and strategies in favor of…show more content…
The police in the United States established four innovative features: hierarchical organization, communication capacity, uniforms and patrolling. (Monkkonen, 1992). Hierarchy gave the police an ordered and centralized system similar to the military ranking system; for example Sergeants and Colonels, which are rankings found in both military and domestic police. Even with the absence of electronic communication systems in the past, the police had the communication capacity to relay information through their recognized chain of command. Citizens reported any offenses to officers who would relay the message to police headquarters. Uniforms made the police more visible to the public, hence making them more accessible. Lastly, patrolling made the police more active in communities, which was a tactic used to hopefully prevent crime by instilling a police…show more content…
The over-reactions of a peaceful protest in Ferguson, Missouri prompted the Black Lives Matter movement. The movement is a response to the over exertion of power by domestic police towards inoccent black citizens. According to (Jaccard 2014), today’s police respond to domestic violence calls and peaceful protests as if they were fighting in the battlefield. This has caused some controversy in black communities, where they feel that they are being targeted because of their race. The movement shines light on the now aggressive nature of our domestic police and how their behaviors threaten local

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