Hypertension Outline

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Topic: Hypertension, A Silent Killer
I. Introduction:

A. Attention Grabber:
• In this part, I am planning to test the audience regarding hypertension by asking them the following multiple-choice question:
Normal blood pressure is systolic blood pressure of ____ mm Hg or less and diastolic blood pressure of ____ mm Hg or less.
(a) 120; 80
(b) 130; 80
(c) 140; 90
(d) 150; 90

• According to American Heart Association, hypertension is the most common of health problems in adults and is leading risk factor for heart diseases.

B. Credibility:
• I am Antonio El-Hajj, a second year Pharmacy student. I have always wanted to work in the health-care field, for health promotion purposes. From all possible careers in this field, I liked the position …show more content…

(g) “Lucky you!”
(h) “Actually, high blood pressure makes you very susceptible to getting diabetes in the future.”
(i) “You may not sense any problems, but it really increases your risk of heart disease and stroke.”
(j) “I’m glad to hear that you’re in good condition! That’s perfect!”

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