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The Human Condition
Humanity has the capacity for reasoning and emotions. These wide range of emotion contribute to a human’s ability to love, hate, create war and art. 'The human condition' is an expression commonly used to describe an individual’s reaction to circumstances that they often encounter. This paper will prove that the study of the "human condition" plays an instrumental role in understanding art and literature. The study of the human condition addresses the subject of human nature, human society and worldviews. These subjects are the fundamental topics of human existence that help people understand the nature of the human condition and the larger social preparations that structure human lives.
Impacts on the Human Condition
Worldviews and the human condition are intertwined. Worldviews are inherited and developmental, they can be influenced and change overtime. An individual’s culture, religion and society influence their worldview. Worldviews are significant to the human condition because they are the structure of beliefs, values and assumptions regarding the way the world operates. A worldview also makes an individual challenge their beliefs and views of reality. Worldviews make people question where they come from and the meaning of life. Giving an individual meaning, purpose and a connection to the world.
Culture and personal life experiences contribute to the development of the human condition. Culture is a way of life for a group of people. Culture can also refer to humanities appreciation for the liberal arts, such as;
• Music
• Literature
• Art
• Food
Culture influences history, the written languages, politics, architecture and much more. It is a collective pattern of behavior, an inv...

... middle of paper ... the basic concepts of Christian Theism, such as the Holy Trinity and the belief in one God. The Seventh Day Adventist church currently holds twenty-eight fundamentalist beliefs that are categorized into six parts;
1. God - The Holy Trinity
2. Humanity- Created in God’s image
3. Salvation- Jesus died on the cross as payment for sins
4. Church- Jesus is the savior and the church is his family on earth who spread the word to all who will listen.
5. Christian life- Honoring the Ten Commandments
6. Apocalypse-Second coming of Christ (Beliefs: The Official Site of the Seventh-day Adventist world church, 2014)
These concepts can be found in other denominations of Christianity. The Seventh day Adventist worldview like most Christian religions is liner; the world has a beginning and an end.
Christian values and worldview should be evident in their professional lives.
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