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Human Life Is

What you make of it. There are so many different answers as to what the definition of human life might be. It 's a very complex question, and differs with each person that has had their own personal experiences throughout their lives. Although, can you really describe the entirety of all our lives within in a single sentence, or even a word? I think not, but I can always try. It 's almost as if it 's absolutely everything, and nothing all at once. It 's proven that we are the smartest creatures on this planet, We 've evolved to be great controllers, we control just about anything, fire, food, electronics, etc. It 's true, we are smart, but sometimes it feels like we can be the dumbest in a lot of areas. For instance, global
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The majority goal in life is to be happy, but in this day and age there is a lot of struggle you have to face in order to get it. Being a human isn 't easy sometimes. We 're constantly climbing a ladder we 've built since the beginning of our existence; it never ends, and continues to grow. It 's telling us we 'll finally be happy when we reach the top, after we complete all the tasks that are on each rung. And we all choose to believe it. Food, shelter, cleanliness, the basic necessities of actually surviving won 't suffice as surviving for us; we need years worth of credentials and currency to really get something out of life. It 's depressingly unfair most of the time. I feel that in America, money is viewed as the key to success and happiness. Getting money is a considered a blessing, losing money is a curse, you can be born into it, work really hard for it, or just get lucky. And depending on who you are, you might be able to just push on through, or maybe…show more content…
Some could be born into wealthy families and go on to live privileged lavish lives, or some could be born into not so wealthy families and live their lives dealing with a lot of struggle and poverty. And we mustn 't forget that some people didn 't even grow up with a family to call their own. Cause and effect is a huge deal. The rich child could grow up to be a spoiled arrogant jackass, and the poor kid could grow up with good morals and virtues, or depending on the family, really anything could happen. Your actions and decisions stem from what you know, and knowledge is gained from teaching and experiencing. And since each person was brought up so differently and taught different things, each person grows up to make their own choices in life, and these choices shape the lay out of their lives, as well as effect
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